No Future

There maybe no worse time in American history to be paranoid. Frankly, there’s a lot to be paranoid about. Illegal immigration, the spanish-ization of North America and the unionization of Mexico and the USA. Iraq, Iran, China, Al Quaeda… okay, let’s just condense that to the entire Eastern end of Eurasia. A floundering economy pushed to the ragged edge by constantly rising gas prices. And possibly worst of all is the upcoming Presidential election. Political pundits across the nation are calling it the most open race in decades. Nobody knows who the hell to vote for or who the hell is going to win, but we all know at least one candidate that we absolutely do NOT want to win.

It sucks for the Republicans… even semi’s like me are nervous. The fact is I voted for G.W. I feel justified in his winning the first election. And I am soooooooooo glad Kerry didn’t win the second. But that doesn’t change the fact that he royally screwed the pooch in the last four (that’s right, FOUR) years… err, three I guess. His ties to the oil industry and big business (which is trying to squash the middle class and bring in cheap Mexican labor) is making the American Dream a real American nightmare. It seems there isn’t much hope for any of us below the Upper Class line. And it all rides on the person who is elected next.

I’ll talk about the Democrats first since those are the ones that worry me the most… but not by much. And there’s only two to talk about. I say there’s only two, because frankly, if anyone believes that the Dems are gonna put up anyone besides Hilary or Obama, they’re just plain kidding themselves.

Honestly, I really don’t even see the Democratic ticket as a contest. I sort of feel sorry for Barack Obama, because I truly believe the Democrats are just trotting him out like a show pony to show how progressive and liberal they are. But considering they’re running congress right now, I doubt they’ll risk it all on a candidate that at best has a 1 in 4 chance of winning (I totally made that up). For one thing, he’s a Muslim in post September 11th America. Not only that, but the head of his mosque is well known to preach anti-white sentiment. It isn’t as though a man of Obama’s means couldn’t find (or even build) a less hateful place of worship. The other point that I think is important (though not, I realize, the sole determining factor) is that the majority of white Americans won’t vote for him. And before anyone goes off on a racial tirade (for or against), let me say that it isn’t the idea of Barack as President that makes me say that. Obama seems like a smart guy, and I find the idea of him as President far more palatable than Hilary. The fact is, even (some portion of) white people that generally dislike blacks won’t dismiss a man solely based on his color. The worry is that by electing one black President, anyone can become President, and twenty years from now Jesse Jackson, Jamie Foxx or 50 Cent is going to be in charge. And don’t tell me it isn’t possible. It is very real. In fact, the antics of Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton are just what makes it so hard for a black candidate to get elected. For better or worse, the stance of black people being a united community and brotherhood means that the actions of the few often reflect upon the many. That isn’t to say that white people only think other white people should be elected president. The fact is, most of the whites I know… no matter how racist… rarely think about color unless it’s brought up in front of them… or if you’re playing rap music. But in the current social climate, I don’t see Obama as the horse to bet on.

And speaking of horses…

That leaves Hilary. God help us all. She is the most famous candidate of either party. She could win. After which, America goes from being a sinking ship to Atlantis. Much is being made of how much experience she has. Which is funny. Because she doesn’t have any. She was the First Lady, but that doesn’t make her experienced in running the government. In fact, my recollection of her time as FLOTUS was as follows: got caught as part of whitewater scandal with Bill, covered it up, helped create HMO’s (thereby making our shitty health care system exponentially worse), denied Bill cheated, admitted Bill cheated, denied Bill cheated, admitted Bill cheated, denied Bill cheated, admitted Bill cheated… you get the point. That resume` really doesn’t say future President of the United States to me. Yeah, I know she’s a Senator now. But the fact is, Senators aren’t really experienced in running government. Bill was a Governor. He had actual experience running a government. The Legislative branch only works (at MOST) 3 days a week. All they really do is vote, give themselves annual raises, get their names in the paper, campaign for their next election, make speeches, and get caught in sex scandals. They have a full staff of lawyers to write the bills that they propose. They are literally the most overpaid, corrupt and worthless branch of government that we have. She isn’t experienced. And she’s about the most the disingenuous politician currently on parade. I liked Bill. In spite of the fact that the man couldn’t lie to save his life, I don’t think he was nearly as bad a President as people make him out to be. Hilary I’m less sure about. But on the bright side, if she is elected, it’ll be entertaining watching the US go down in flames. Think of how much pussy Bill will get caught with when Hilary is out and about.

The Republican ticket is much more open.

Despite being written off for months and rumors that he was about to quit, supposedly John McCain is in the lead with his “Straight Talk Express”. Hokey catch phrases aside, I really like McCain. I truly believe that if McCain had gotten the 2004 ticket, we would be living in a very different America right now. Things would certainly be less tense. And form what I’ve seen, he’s fairly liberal Rep, so the Dems probably would have gotten along better with him than Bush. Also, he’s military. We might have settled Iraq by now if he was C-i-C. Does that mean he’s the best candidate this time around? Not necessarily. I hear he isn’t as tough on illegal immigration as he should be, though that could change once he isn’t hindered by pre-election polls. At the very least, he would do a much better job than GW has this term.

There’s been talk that Ron Paul is being left out of debates because he’s too smart to win. He wants to get rid of the IRS! Big Business doesn’t want a loose cannon President with radical ideas, so supposedly they’re cutting him out. Will it matter? Probably. Once the media decides to smoke you, you’re dead. Welcome to the USA, land of the televisions, home of the whopper.

I like Fred Thompson. There’s something very Presidential about him. But then, he’s an actor. So maybe he’s playing the President in his head. Again, I think he’s someone who’s tough, with good ideas. And so the media doesn’t like him.
He may have less chance than Ron Paul.

So the point is, I have no idea who will win. I think I’ll vote for McCain. Of the runable candidates, I think he is least like to fuck up. Could he win against Hilary? I don’t know. A lot of people hate her, and will vote the other way just to keep her out. Is that enough? I hope so.


2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Loree on January 22, 2008 at 8:02 am

    I’m trying not to just run and hide under a bushel these days. I also feel that Hilary would be a disaster (right there, I think we have a problem of perception… would I have said Fred or Ron or John or Barak? Nope. Would have said Thompson or Paul or McCain or Obama. You may now commence analyzing me). Frankly, the “experience” claims only raise more concerns about judgement with me. Sleeping with someone who’s doing a job doesn’t qualify you for the job. Simplistic, I know, but I’m feeling simple this evening. 🙂

    I wish Thompson had a chance, but I believe that’s pretty solidly in the “in hell” category.


  2. Posted by geist0 on January 22, 2008 at 1:30 pm

    I don’t think there’s anything there to analyze. That’s a good point. I suppose you could argue that people use her first name to differentiate between her and Bill, but I think it’s something else. Our way of making her sound less threatening or important? I don’t know.

    She has about as much experience as some of the other candidates. But when people talk about her, they make it sound like she’s especially prepared for the job.

    Like I said, as much as I don’t want him to win, I think Obama would make a better President than she would, hands down.


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