The TV Shows Strike Back

Well the Writer’s Strike is finally over. I’m sad that they didn’t get as much as they deserve, but it is a start. Also, I think we can all agree that a longer strike would just hurt more people than was necessary. As has been mentioned many times, the people that really got hurt in this were the crews that manned the productions. The majority of the writers were middle class at best, but at least they had a few royalties coming in. The crews had to figure out how to pay in rent in Los Angeles. Anyway. I supported the strike. I wanted to buy one of those WGA t-shirts, but never got around to it.

The best part about the resuming productions means that at least some of the reality shows will be taken off the air. Not many. But some. Is there anything that is destroying the minds of our country more than Reality television? … oh yeah… rap music.

But I digress. I’m excited that some of my shows will be back on the air. I don’t get to watch much television through the season because I’m constantly on the go, but I do try to watch at the beginning of the season. Usually around November I lose track and just wait until the summer when it all comes out on DVD. I loooooooooovveee Season DVDs. It is the perfect format for serialized storytelling. None of the To Be Continued bullshit. Instant gratification! Right up until that cliffhanger at the end of the last episode. Then I’m pissed. Like Cookie Monster at the end of a three day binge at the Keebler factory when he starts eating the fucking elves to get his fix. I find myself at Best Buy trying to find the cheapest DVD set so that I can continue my high. I’m sick, I know. I have a decent collection. The entire 5 seasons of Alias. All 4 sets of One Tree Hill. All 3 of the (tragically short-lived) phenomenal Veronica Mars. All 3 Roswell sets. Angel seasons 3 & 4. Newsradio season 1-4. Heroes season 1. Grey’s Anatomy Seasons 2 and 3. Justice League Unlimited seasons 1 and 2. Naruto sets 4 and 5 (6 comes out tomorrow. Moonlighting season 1. Aaaaannnnnndddd a few more. What can I say?

This season I was denied my precious Veronica Mars. But I have been watching. A few old shows. A few new. Here’s some of the shows I have been addicted to from 07 and jonesing for these past few months.

HEROES Initially I wasn’t into Heroes. Then one day I was looking for my fix… bought the goddamn set. Became obsessed. Being a comic book fanatic, this show makes perfect sense for me to like it. Hiro Nakamura is my… err, hero. (Sorry.) I actually managed to stay with every episode of Heroes this season. Didn’t miss a single episode. Unfortunately this season will be one of the casualties of the strike. The producers said they will not finish the rest of season 2 (ominously titled “Villains”) until next fall. Nor will they be producing the anthology-styled spin-off, Heroes Origins. SHITE! I was looking forward to that. Bring on the DVD! I need a hold over.

ONE TREE HILL I am a huuuuge OTH fan. Partly because I’m in love with Sophia Bush. But mostly because I believe that it stands out from other teen dramas. The writing is better. The “villains” of the series are complex. (How FUCKING GOOD is Paul Johannson??) In fact, all the characters are complex. Each has a depth and range to them that most teen dramas do not contain. One of the benefits of the strike being over is that they may be able to finish out the season on OTH. This show is constantly on the bubble, and is usually saved at the last second by it’s rabid fan base. But with the show’s recent change in structure, this could be the last nail, and I don’t want this show to end without a proper finale.

GREY’S ANATOMY Yeah, I know, it’s a chick show. But it’s good. I started watching b/c Katherine Heigl (ROSWELL) was in it. But I stayed. It’s quirky. It’s funny. It’s heartfelt. It’s good. Haven’t kept up with Grey’s, as usual. I’ll wait til DVD to watch. I would just be lost, if I tried to pick it up.

LIFE A new show that I picked up on, and instantly became addicted to. This may be my favorite show this season… which is unfortunate, because I’m pretty sure it’ll get canceled by the second year. It’s about a cop who is falsely accused of murder, put in prison for 12 years and subsequently abandoned by everyone he cared for. When he is finally acquitted, he goes back to work for a police department that simultaneously distrusts him and is afraid of him and the mistakes that he represents. All the while, he goes looking for the men that framed him. KICK ASS! I stayed with this show the entire time. More episodes have been promised this year. Can’t wait!

CHUCK It’s official. The 2000’s are the decade of the geek. Average Joe gets a super computer uploaded to his brain, and has to help two badass secret agents stop terrorists. What about that sense DOESN’T kick ass? Nothing! The cast is fan-fucking-tastic, the writing is top notch. Adam Baldwin (Firefly) is in this! Again, stayed with the show through 07. I heard they aired the last two eps of the season without any fanfare. So I missed it. Have to go online and watch.

That’s pretty much all I watch, except for the Colbert Report and Naruto. Hopefully everything will be back on track soon.




2 responses to this post.

  1. I’m pretty stoked too. I wish they got more of what they were asking for- but I’ll just be glad to get fresh viewables. I HATE reality TV. I haven’t been watching. I’ve just been bored.
    I can’t wait for more Heroes either!! It sucks that they’re putting that off. Any word on My Name Is Earl and The Office? Those are probably the two I miss the most.


  2. Posted by geist0 on February 13, 2008 at 9:30 pm

    I believe they said that the Office would be airing more eps as soon as the could get the out. March maybe? I can’t remember about My Name is Earl, but they did put out a list online of when shows would be back.

    Reality TV is truly the fru-its of the de-vil!


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