Are We a Match?

I was reading some girl’s blog and she had a list of questions that decided if you are compatible with her.   Most of questions were retarded, but I did like her idea.  So I thought I would try and come up with a set of questions that would accurately predict my own compatibility with the fairer sex.

  1. If I had a chance to live my dream, but it required us to live pay check to pay check, would you support my decision?
  2. If I took you on a surprise date, and told you to bring a bathing suit, would you trust me blindly?
  3. Is marajuana a drug on the level of heroin or cigarettes?
  4. Are comic books and cartoons all ages or strictly for kids?
  5. Given the choice, would you rather watch Lost or Sex And The City?
  6. Do you prefer the new liberal-sentiment defined, politically correct America, or the patriotic, mistakes-made America?
  7. Have you ever committed any crimes?  If so, are you sorry for what you did?
  8. What famous couple do you see us as:  Lucy and Desi,  Paul and Jamie Buchman (Mad About You), Ray and Debra Barone, or Al and Peg Bundy?
  9. If we were having sex and I asked you to dress up in a costume, what 3 costumes would you wear?
  10. How do you deal with anger?
  11. Do you keep a record of every mistake your boyfriend makes so you can use it against him later?
  12. Chinese, Italian, Mexican, French or hamburgers?
  13. We have a weekend to ourselves and 200 dollars to spend.  What are we doing?
  14. I’m typing an email and get up to go to the bathroom. I’m grunting like I’m in the midst of child birth, so you know I’ll be a while.  You see that the terminal is open and that there is an email from my ex-girlfriend titled “Hey, I Was Just thinking About You.”  What do you do?  WHAT DO YOU DO?
  15. We have opposing view points on political matters that we both feel strongly about.  How do you deal with it?
  16. Describe the morning after the first time we make love.
  17. We just broke up amiably.  You think my best friend is kind of hot.  Do you ask him out or move on because you know I wouldn’t be cool with it?
  18. I announce to you over dinner that I’m starting a band with my best friend and that I will be a rockstar. Your reaction?
  19. You are on your period and don’t feel like being touched.  Out of respect for your feelings, I go to the living room.  You wake up and go to look for me, only to find me masturbating furiously to videos of a large breasted woman who appear to be getting squirrled from behind from an anaconda.  Are you angry?  Do you shrug and leave me be?  Or do you give me “a hand”?
  20. Your ex-boyfriend shows up while we’re on a date.  He rudely ignores me and basically implies that he would like to fuck you right now.  I give him a devastating right hook and then proceed to wrestle with him on the ground.  How do you feel about that?
  21. I am about to leave for a weekend camping trip with the guys, which you approved weeks ago.  On the day that I am leaving, you have a HORRIBLE day and want nothing more than for me to buy you dinner, listen to your problems and give you a totally asexual massage.  But when I ask you what’s wrong,you say nothing. I pause, but leave anyway.  You spend the weekend pissed an festering and blow up on me as soon as I get home.  Who is at fault?
  22. Name three things you won’t allow me to do sexually (to you).
  23. Name three things that you will ABSOLUTELY let me do!
  24. Your best friend hates my guts and asks you to choose between us.  I can’t stand her, but never bad mouth her and have no intention of asking you to choose.  How do you handle it?
  25. What’s your favorite flavor of ice cream?

That’s all I can think of.  If you read this and have a suggestion about questions that should be on it, let me know.



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