10 Endings to LOST That are Probably More Reasonable than the Real One

Everybody loves Lost. Filled with action, twists and above all, mystery, it may be the most fascinating show on television. But with only around 36 episodes left and about 6 billion inexplicable questions to answer, many people are saying that the ending will be impossibly convoluted and contrived. With that in mind, I have compiled a list of possible endings to the show.

1. Turns out there’s a pacific island resort hotel on the other side. Jack thinks they should go back and drink Mai Tai’s.

2. They’re not really lost. It’s a role playing game that got way way out of hand.

3. Bugs Bunny is their puppet master.

4. Damon Lindelof did a little too much “research” into the latest Cheech and Chong movie and we’re all on the world’s worst acid trip.

5. Locke built the island. He is secretly a billionaire and set the whole thing up because he doesn’t have any friends.

6. The Dharma Initiative’s Secret Agenda? Build a prototype for the world’s most fucked up theme park at Paisley Park, to be known as “Prince World”.

7. The plane crashed in Narnia.

8. It’s all an elaborate reality show. During the last episode Ashton Kutcher is going to jump out and yell “Punk’d!” Seriously… polar bears, smoke monsters and four toed statues, those people are gullible.

9. They’re in the Matrix.

10. There is no ending. At the end, the writers will line up and flip us the bird in one giant collective “Fuck You”.


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