Jon Stewart is Blowing Obama

You heard me. Jon Stewart is giving Barack Obama the softest and most protracted blow job ever… on public television.

Seriously, am I the only one who is sick of the Daily Show? It stopped being funny when they started winning news awards. Suddenly it stopped being so fun and funny. Suddenly the egos on and off camera started thinking they were real journalists. And Jon Stewart is the worst one. He may as well be Oprah Winfrey the way he acts. It sickens me because Stewart was one of my favorite comedians when I was a kid. I loved his MTV talk show and his act and pretty much everything else he did. Yes, even that retarded part in Half Baked.

And I’m sure his opinions were the same then as they are now. And that’s fine. I have no problem with people with differing opinions than mine. I do however have a problem with a moron with a public forum reinforcing the media machine image that white people are bad and racist and should be punished for shit that someone else did in the past who may or may not be an ancestor of theirs.

Last night for instance. Hillary Clinton won out the polls in West Virginia. So Stewart question how that could possibly be. (Because it isn’t possible that his booty buddy could lose is it?) So he shows clips from local news stations. Here’s the gag. You know that old joke/ stereotype that news crews only put the dumbest black person they can find on the air? (Nevermind the fact that in general everyone who is interviewed by the news is a moron, regardless of their skin color. Or the possibility that there aren’t that many intelligent people walking around looking for robberies and news crews to talk about how crazy gas prices are… because, most of us having a fucking job.) Yeah, that stereotype. Well, guess what? He reversed it and put clips of stupid white people up! OH SNAP! Guess what this fine piece of investigative journalism… excuse me, humor… found. There are people aged 60-80 who are afraid of Obama because he’s a black Muslim! Gee, I can’t imagine that someone in this decade would have that perception of him based on his name and be weary of him taking power! I’m not saying their reasoning is accurate, but they have an opinion and a right to base their vote on that opinion. Except technically it isn’t really a vote since it’s THE DELEGATES WHO DECIDE THE NOMINATION NOT OLD PEOPLE PARTICIPATING IN A POLL. But Stewart didn’t show clips of a Super-delegate saying racist things. So the whole segment was misleading. No… that’s not the right word. Farce. That’s what it was. A farce. Or even better, Propaganda.

The Daily Show has become a tool for Stewart to voice his opinions. He has decided that Barack Obama is the President of the United States. And every night that point is hammered home with all the subtlety of a freight train hitting a deer. It is the polar opposite of the Colbert Report, which is consistently funnier, not to mention politically neutral. And I know people are going to say that Colbert is conservative. But there’s two problems with that. 1) Every statement he makes is done with humor in such a way as to imply he’s being facetious. His character is conservative, but no one knows what the real Stephen Colbert believes because he never breaks character in public. Stewart is just being himself. And 2) if you pay attention, Colbert gives conservatives just as hard a time as liberals. No one gets a free ride.

I don’t have a problem with Stewart voicing his opinion, but he needs to pick a team. Either he’s a comedian or he’s the next Bill Maher (i.e. an overpaid moron who hosts another cog in the propaganda machine). Are you a journalist or a funny man?

And getting to the heart of the matter, I’m sick of hearing this bullshit line about how people are only against Barack Obama because he’s black. I’m not saying there’s no truth to it, but it’s only half the story. The fact is a majority of his supporters are only voting for him because he’s black!

It’s bullshit, right?

Don’t believe me?

Let me go “A Time To Kill” on your ass.

Let’s take the complaints against Obama and list them.

~No one knows anything about him.
~Has given constant signs that he isn’t patriotic.
~Michelle Obama has stated in a public forum that this is the first time she has ever been proud of America (Presumably because her husband is about to make her the most powerful woman in the world, not to mention the first black First Lady in American history… important reasons like that.)
~He has been heavily influenced by Jeremiah Wright and only recently denounced him when Wright decided it was okay to give up the plan early. (And don’t give me that bullshit about how he didn’t know. He has publicly stated that Wright was there for many important part of his life, and Wright isn’t one to keep his opinions to himself. IT CAME UP.)
~Internet forwards suggest he is the anti-christ.

Now lets imagine a different situation, an alternate universe. Take John McCain, or even Hillary Clinton and put them in a similar situation.

~No one knows anything about McCain except that he old as fuck.
~Has given constant signs that he is unpatriotic (which is understandable considering he’s been to war, but even so… not what I want out of a President)
~Cindy MCain hates America.
~He’s personal friends with David Duke. But he denies knowing about Mr. Duke’s opinions or political affiliations.
~Internet forwards suggest that he once punched Jesus in the balls as a teenager.

If that was the truth, McCain wouldn’t just lose his bid for the Presidency, he would be crucified. It’s a double standard, and it’s bullshit. I don’t want Barack Obama as my President, and it isn’t because he’s black. It’s because I don’t know him and I don’t trust him. All I know about him is that he thinks we need hope and change. Granted, no one seems to know how he plans to achieve any of that, or even what kind of change he’s talking about, but even so, he believes in it. And all anyone ever says is that he’s a great orator. I agree! He’s a great speaker! Brilliant in fact! You know who else was a great speaker? HITLER! Motherfucking Adolf Hitler! And no, I’m not suggesting that Obama is the next Hitler. I’m just putting it out there. Form your own damn opinions.

The fact is I’m not thrilled about ANY of the three front runners. I don’t want a single one of them. But not because of the color of their skin, but because of what they seem to be about. If Obama wins, he wins. Let the people decide (and by people I mean the electoral college), but stop telling me my opinion isn’t valid.


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  1. Posted by FrankDink on May 15, 2008 at 2:53 pm

    I hope you take the time to go back over and read your post when you’re a little less miffed. It really comes off like you’re “owed something.”
    Were you whining when Stewart bashed Bush? (or, really, after 9/11 instead pulled his punches a LOT) Was that not him “using his forum to push an idea”?? Why is it only when the idea being pushed makes you uncomfortable you lash out?
    Why is it SO HARD for white people (which I am) to come to terms with the fact that they have and are benefiting from racism? This is a BIG issue, and one I hope we start to really examine honestly instead of being defensive every time the word racism is brought up.
    Of course Stewart cherry picked the clips- for comedic effect. A little research into the demographics of the state, however, bears out it is an AGING RURAL WHITE population with no urban core for industry. The people in the clips likely do not represent the whole of the state, but they clearly spoke to what a sizable chunk of the voters said (see exit polls); that race played a factor. Now we can ignore that and talk about the OTHER factors only, but why are you so mad that the issue gets talked about? That is not to say that that is the ONLY reason people don’t vote for him, but to ignore the issue is a disservice to honesty.
    Obama’s free ride in the press paled in comparison to McCain’s, to a large part because of the length of time they’ve been in the spotlight. Since 2000 McCain has had nary an ill word spoken about him despite NUMEROUS gaffes (about actual policy, rather than guesses about voters’ bitter motivations). But, let’s take your problems with Obama

    If you don’t know something about someone, do the research: There are reams of info about both all these candidates work in the (state or national) legislature from which a LOT can be gauged about the guy/gal, like it or not. The bills they sponsored, got passed, and opposed.

    It may not be obvious but I’m not really an Obama supporter. I think he is the best of the worst of the three remaining, but I think this knee jerk reaction to the topic of racism really blocks intelligent people such as yourself from taking stock of what the history is of this country, and the only way to move forward is to look at whats gone wrong in the past (o ignore the way we were forced to war will make it all the more likely we will end up with more.)

    None of us are owed anything from anyone. Power cedes nothing without a fight. The sense of entitlement that you not be “lumped in” with racists without giving any reason, despite the history of the whites ruling the world boggles my mind. Lead by example.


  2. Sir,

    I think YOU need to re-read my post. I’m going to kindly ignore your comment about sense of entitlement, since that’s a word with which I take issue, but on that note, what EXACTLY do you claim I think I am owed?

    Please. Explain.

    How am I NOT entitled to be viewed as a person. I don’t need a reason. No one does. Why should I be viewed as a racist because of my color? Why, that would be racist. OH MY! IRONY! People like you are the problem. “The history of whites” has nothing to do with me. I am not responsible for anyone’s actions but mine. And furthermore, people throughout human history weren’t inclined to view people as whites. Their racism was based on actual nationality. I have no connection to other “whites”. I don’t even specifically view myself as white, much less define myself that way. Maybe you do, but that’s your problem.

    And just how do you know how I feel about Bush bashing? Have you read anything I’ve said about it? No. And you don’t know about my other blogs. To use your words you let out a knee jerk reaction without thinking it through.

    My problem is that he represents a stereotypical liberal perspective on a show that used to be fair and balanced. I don’t care if he disagrees with me, but show both sides. And you mention the demographics of WV, yet you fail to address my main point… that the people who participate in those polls have nothing to do with whether or not Obama gets the nomination. And McCain’s so called free pass is partially because he isn’t running against anyone. You think it’ll be that way when the Democrats choose? My point is that McCain would be judged and executed if the predicament was the same. Obama shouldn’t be given a get out of jail free card just because he’s black. They should be judged equally.

    And by the way your knowledge of human history is fairly pathetic, as “whites” haven’t always dominated the globe. In fact, as I recall, Africa has had some of the greatest empire’s of all time. And… oh yeah… they enslaved the Hebrews with that power.

    And as to your comments about me and racism, you haven’t the foggiest clue what you’re talking about. None. I grew up in New Orleans. I’m sitting in a city that’s boiling quickly into a Race War. My opinions on racism would take up a book. As I said before, the problem is people with opinions like yours. All I hear about is how no body wants to talk about racism. It’s ridiculous. All I ever hear about is racism; the problem is no one wants to actually talk about what’s really going on. They just want to toss out these simplistic and outdated arguments. “George Bush doesn’t care about Black people.” Yeah, well lets ignore the fact that not everyone at the Superdome was black. and the fact that government help was dismissed and ignored. And the vast majority of the people who stayed behind did so out of stubbornness despite REPEATEDLY being told that a hurricane was going to hit. Let’s ignore all that, and look at that statement.

    George Bush doesn’t care about black people.
    That’s what’s wrong with this country. It assumes racism without any basis. George Bush doesn’t give a shit what color you are. It’s POOR people that he doesn’t care about. Because that is what rich people care about. Money. But, no. It must be racism.

    Anyway, I have to get back to work.

    The next time you decide to run your mouth, I suggest you adjust your tone. As I said, differing opinions are fine, but I will not tolerate someone who addresses me with a condescending attitude. And for that: FUCK YOU.

    How’s that for whining?


  3. Posted by Josh on May 15, 2008 at 6:28 pm

    Well written Adam. Nothing pisses me off more than ignorant whites who cannot see this country falling apart and the main reasons as to why.

    1. Whites make up the majority of this country. Why are some whites so interested in giving up that majority interest? But the bigger question is, what makes a white person? Everything that isn’t black? I was born here in america, but I am an Italian Amercian. I am not white. Therfore I cannot be a racist. And this country’s views on racism is a major problem.
    2. Six out of ten inmates are black. Blacks make up less than 21 percent of this country. In a whole, the vast majority of blacks are bringing this country down. It would take me a year to explain, but if you live somewhere where there are typical “blacks”, enough said.
    3. Mexicans. Lets let them come across with no penalty, feed them, give them free health care, and give them the opportunity to send all the money they make here in america back to their home land and destroy our economy. I enjoy having 1/4th of my check taken from me so illegal immigrants can have all the amenities i don’t have in my country.

    Lets conclude. We as the people of this country face two options. Stay and have a racist black/muslim give this country away to our enemy, an ignorant woman tax the fuck out of the working people and give it to the worthless or an old white man give it to the immigrants. Or, just pack it up and run. Mexico will be empty in a few years, so we can dwell there. I feel bad for my grandfather and the rest of the “greatest generation”. The great country they fought and died for is being tossed in the trash.


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