Is It 1984 Yet?

I have mixed feeling about Freedom of Speech. It’s not that I don’t believe in it; I just feel that too many people abuse it. You see Freedom has a price. Or to put it far more eloquently, I turn to Thomas Jefferson:

“The price of liberty is eternal vigilance.”

You can speak freely in this country, but you must take full responsibility for your words. And too many people gloss over that last part. It’s part of the entitlement issue. People feel they are entitled to these rights and they don’t have to earn them. So they tell the world to go fuck itself. Interestingly, I find it is these same people that are constantly trying to infringe on the rights of those that they don’t agree with.

What I’m talking about is the word racist. Let’s be clear. I’m not talking about racism. I’m talking about the WORD “racist” and how it’s bandied about loosely. It seems we’re living in the new age of McCarthyism, except racist is the new communist. There is a large portion of the United States that is afraid to say anything regarding their opinions, because they know the minute they say something remotely conservative or INTELLIGENT, someone is going to shout the worst four letter word in the English language. Racist. And as soon as the word is applied to you, even if there isn’t a shread of truth to the accusation, EVEN IF THE WORD DOES NOT EVEN APPLY TO THE SITUATION, you are tried, condemned and blacklisted. No judge, no jury… you are instantly guilty even when proven innocent.

The fact is, more people got upset when Don Imus said “nappy headed ho’s” than when Michael Jackson raped a child. I’m not debating whether or not Imus is prejudiced or if he should have been fired. My point is, isn’t there something wrong there? Doesn’t that say our priorities are out of order?

The fact is, a lot of things are out of order in this country. The Thought Police are everywhere, and people like me aren’t allowed to speak our minds. When did Freedom of Speech become a commodity solely under the jurisdiction of those with the biggest microphones? Why is it okay for you to try to sully the good name of hard working blue collar Red Necks, but the minute I say something you disagree with, I’m evil? It’s called hypocrisy. Look it up. There’s a lot of that shit going around.

The fact is nothing is going to change with things the way they are. Talking about racism and prejudice over and over ad infinitum isn’t helping matters. It’s making it worse. And there’s a reason for that. The US is one of the most sexually unhealthy nations in the world. But our sexual dysfunctions aren’t as a result of prudishness or an inability to talk about the subject. It’s a result our inability to talk frankly and honestly about it without a sense of fear or shame. Its about our inability to see it for what it is.

You want a world without prejudice? Well grow up. It isn’t going to happen. Doesn’t mean you can’t have a better world, though. But to get to that better world, you better stop judging others. Get off your moral high horse and look inward. You don’t have all the answers. No one does, including me. And we’re not going to get any closer to peace and prosperity through the abject dismissal of ordinary citizens who are just trying to express their opinions.

I am against illegal immigration. Illegal immigrants should be deported en masse, without appeal. They should NOT be given free health care and benefits at the expense of American taxpayers and Veterans Benefits (the gov’t cut funding for Veterans of our Armed Forces in order to provide the invading immigrants). They are criminals and should be treated (marginally) as such. This statement does not make me racist. It makes me someone with a basic knowledge of the American economy and the effects of adding 100 million PLUS job seekers into a country experiencing a major recession. There’s nothing prejudice about it. And there’s nothing prejudice about saying that we need to put a blockade on immigration from Mexico. And this is coming from a man whose Grandfather was a Filipino immigrant. Did you know that for a period of years there was a blockade on Asian immigrants entering the US, because so many were coming over that the Country would have been overrun by citizens of another nation. And they were right to do it then, just as we should do it now. It’s a logical solution. But someone is going to read that and say I’m a racist. They won’t actually pay attention to my words. They won’t stop to consider my ideas. They’ll say “racist!” and call Jesse Jackson and dismiss me as a human being.

And that’s why this country is in the shitter.

We better get our act together as a nation quick, because each day that passes brings us closer and closer to some kind of politically correct manifestation of an Orwellian Nightmare.

I feel like I’m living in 1984. And I’d like to wake up now.

(Sorry if I rambled on a bit there. My rants tend to get very stream of consciousness.)

Quote of the Day:

“Always be willing to fight what you believe in, it does not matter if a thousand people agree with you, or one person agrees with you. It doesn’t matter if you stay completely alone, fight for what you believe. Which brings me to the .. first piece of advice my dad ever gave me, and now I’m giving it to you. Never–”
“Never start a fight. But always finish it.”
“Always finish it.”

~J. Michael Straczynski


7 responses to this post.

  1. While we keep on pandering to ‘minority groups’ at the expense of all sensibilities, the situation will never improve.

    Even that statement looks racist to me because for all my lifetime it’s been pounded into me that I’m not allowed to think like that!

    What a bunch of arse…


  2. It’s not racist. It’s true.

    Let me propose a situation to you.

    Six kids in the South beat the living shit out of a kid in a premeditated act where they made absolutely SURE that adults could not interfere. The kid was hospitalized. When the community tried to have the perps tried as adults for their vicious assault, half the US went berserk, expressed a national outrage, virtually destroyed the community for months and got them off.

    A year later six kids in the South beat the living shit out of a kid in a premeditated act where they made absolutely SURE that adults could not interfere. The kid was hospitalized and blinded in one eye. The US tuned in for a week, said that’s horrible and went about their business. No one gives a shit if the perps are tried as adults or if they go to jail or not.

    The first instance was the Gena Six, who committed a violent crime. The second instance was a group of white kids in Florida who beat up one of their female classmates and put it on youtube. The country really didn’t give a shit because none of the kids were a minority. But I guarantee you if the girl beat up was black, there would be people asking for the perps to be on death row.

    I’m not saying the white kids should get off. They did the crime. They thought it out. They thought it was funny. They should pay the price. My point is, the black kids shouldn’t have been let off just because they’re black. THAT’S RACIST.


  3. Posted by Chaibaby on May 19, 2008 at 9:00 am

    I agree with you. I think we, as a whole, are so overly concerned with being politically correct and not coming off as insensitive or racist that we bend over backwards to turn a blind eye (oops — is that un-PC?…sorry all of you sight impaired folks)…anyhow, we seem to overcompensate and allow things that we would otherwise not allow.


  4. Indeed. And it isn’t going to go away. Very soon, these collective mistakes are going to come back and bite us in the ass in a big way.


    The beauty is, they’ll never read what you said anyway. ; P


  5. You know how I am. The thing is, I DON’t think it’s right to have the deck stacked in either direction, that’s um… NOT equality. I just want everything to be equal. Anything less is unfair. I WISH people wouldn’t hate eachother based on things as silly as color, size, sex etc. If you’re gonna hate, do it right! Be specific! Hate what you actually KNOW… Blanket hate is just kindof senseless imho. (that wasn’t directed at you, btw. I mean in general.)

    As for immigrants… The idea of anyone starving or being beaten to death hurts my heart. But… We’re not doing a very good job of caring for those already here right now. It goes against the whole Statue of Liberty idea, but sometimes enough is enough. On the one hand, they’re not so much taking jobs that anyone else wants (especially if they can’t speak English) but on the other, American citizens are not getting free health care, and there is just NO WAY IN HELL that it’s okay to take funding away from VETERANS to pay for people who broke the law to sneak in. Non violent, non invasive returning them to their homes… It is cruel in many cases, but… I don’t know what a better answer would be. I don’t think it’s racism- like I said, I feel pretty terrible about it, I wish there WAS something I/we could do to help, but if we’re broke, we’re broke.


  6. Yeaaahhhh I know how you are. : )

    The thing is, that’s a beautiful sentiment, and it’s one most people (or at least the relatively sane ones) can agree with. But the problem is, it isn’t realistic. There’s no such thing as fair and equal. The question is, are people unequal because of the color of their skin, or is the issue much more complex? (HINT: it’s more complex.)

    I don’t particularly like the idea of children starving either, but illegal immigration isn’t the solution. It doesn’t solve Mexico’s poverty problems. It just spreads and increases ours. A real solution would be for the Mexican people to overthrow their current government and uses their natural resources to create jobs in their own country. But given the choice between possibly dying in a coup and sneaking across the border to Lollipop Land where you will be fed, catered to and cared for without ever having to learn anything or pay for anything, which would you choose? OF COURSE they’re going to keep running the border if we keep rewarding them.

    And as for the jobs thing, down here they are taking a LOT of construction jobs. It’s not like they’re all gardeners and housekeepers.


  7. Oh, and this isn’t addressed to you, but is a comment on something you said.

    One of the misconceptions that’s out there is that racism is based solely on skin color and other arbitrary things. I can’t speak for other parts of the Country, but in the South, the primary factor in racial discord is blood. There’s been a lot of blood spilled on all sides. And blood doesn’t wash out easily.

    For me personally, I am extremely prejudiced against rap culture. Or I suppose, gangsta and thug culture. It is a pervasive virus that preaches violence, ignorance, sexism, drug abuse and all manner of vile things to kids. When a kid looks up to a guy who gets paid millions of dollars to do drugs, beat women, go to jail and quit school just because he raps, what is that kid going to do?

    So I hate rap culture and anyone who helps push it. Is that wrong? Maybe. Too bad.


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