Things You Should Never Say In Bed

Things You Should Never Say In Bed
Things Men Shouldn’t Say:

  1. Don’t lick my asshole, I just had a squirter. 
  2. Oh yeaahhhhh baby!  Fuuuck you’re sooooo tight!  It’s like fucking an 8 year old’s pussy!
  3. Don’t struggle. It’ll only hurt more.
  4. Yeah! Oh, oh yeah!  Oh, I wish my Mother was here!
  5. It’s not that he was better.  Just different.
  6. I wish you had a penis.
  7. How great was it when we fucked on your parents’ bed last week?  No wait, that was your Sister.
  8. Oh god, you’re such a fucking pig! I love it!  Work that ass, you fat tub of shit!
  9. Would it be too creepy if I jerked off while watching you take a shit? 
  10. Mmmmm…. Baby I’m gonna choke you until your eyes go cold and dead.
Things Women Shouldn’t Say:
  1. Is that it?
  2. Oh, yeah!  Just like Uncle Ronnie used to do it.
  3. I used to be a dude.
  4. You should have your penis revoked for that.
  5. I think I’m going to throw up.
  6. I wish you had a penis.  No, that doesn’t count.
  7. Just think of it like a little tail that grows out of the front.
  8. No, it doesn’t happen to everyone.  Just. You.
  9. Let’s get this over with; my next appointment will be here in a few minutes.
  10. Do you want to know how my day was?

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