Democrats Say The Cutest Things

I think it’s funny how the Dems are freaking over Sarah Palin.  Yeah, I said FREAKING.  Obama is officially a spaz. 

Why is that funny?  Because in the history of U.S. democracy, no one has ever tried so hard to smear a vice presidential candidate.  Notice, the republicans could care less about Joe Biden.  The reason being that people don’t elect based on VPs.  They have influence, sure.  But would Bill have been elected if people cared about Al Gore?  Would George Sr have gotten his trip Jimmie Carter-town if people payed attention to the biggest running gag in Vice Presidential history.  It doesn’t happen. What’s the matter Obie?  Are you scared?

You have to admit, it was brilliant.  Appointing Palin as the Republican running mate kills about thirty birds with one stone.  It solves problems people have with McCain’s age, liberal tendencies, and stability with female and liberal voters.  Not all democrats are happy with Obie as the candidate. And no matter what anyone tells you, it isn’t all because they’re bitter over Hilary.  Like many of us, some dems have a problem with Obie’s policies and want him tossed out on his popular ass.  Hell, Lieberman came right out and said, VOTE McCAIN!!!  More or less.   It isn’t all that surprising.  McCain isn’t most conservative candidate.  By any stretch of the imagination.

Nor is he necessarily the most qualified imaginable.  (And before some idiot speaks, Obie has NO qualifications, so pipe down.) After all, it’s been a loooooooong time since a military man has been in the Oval Office.  When was the last time?  Teddy Roosevelt?  (Admitted, he was one bad-ass Pres.) Oddly, Palin is very qualified.  She’s actually got experience running a government. Two actually.

But she’s just the VP candidate.  So why are they sweating?  Yes, sweating. They sunk so low that they’re tried to discredit her by saying that her speech was written by Bush’s speech writer.  (SO WHAT?????????)  If they weren’t worried about losing voters over her, they wouldn’t be talking about her. Period.  End of story.  And thats exactly whats going on.  Some people will vote for McCain in the hopes that someday it will lead to out first female President (Whether she would be a good one or not.)  Just as the majority of Obama’s supporters are voting for him just so they can have a black president, no matter how unqualified he is or how detrimental the few policies he has announced (and thats not counting the ones he’s keeping to himself) will be to our nation.

I’ll take the old man and the chick, thank you.

Quote of the Day:

“In their fear, they turned to a man they didn’t fully understand.”

~The Dark Knight (2008)


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  1. Posted by Rick on September 17, 2008 at 2:23 pm

    Good blog but just to set the record straight, the last real military guy to be president was Dwight Eisenhower (1953 – 1961)who had been the supreme allied commander in Europe during WWII. George Bush the senior was a pilot in the Navy during WWII and was shot down that sort of makes him a military guy too.


  2. Eisenhower; good call. As far as Bush, Sr…. I dunno. I was referring more to guys who behaved like Military. I guess he counts bc of Desert Storm. Though that might put GW in the category, and I do NOT consider him a strong military president.


  3. Bush senior shot down and that sorta makes him a military guy–let me remind you guys he was a Navy officer and yes he was shot down by enemy fire–Also you forgot John Kennedy PT-109 remember have any of you guys actually served in the military????


  4. What does serving in the military have to do with anything? I’m not criticizing it. A more relevant question would be if either of us were history majors. Which I would guess the other guy could be.


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