Giants In the Playground

So far this week has been all about politics for me.

I hate that. I hate politics because it amounts to one big fucking game.  Presidential races, particularly this one, are essentially like football games.  Idiots fighting over something they honestly have no effect or control over.  Celebrities sitting on the side lines to convince you to cheer for their favorite team.  Commercial spots.  Name calling. Hair pulling.  Nani-nani boo boos.

It’s all fucking retarded. And I get sucked in just like the rest of you.

And so far this week I’ve gotten into two arguments with people.  The first was with someone who actually had an opinion, albeit one that I obviously disagree with.  The other was with some psychotic twat who threatened to kill me on the basis of the fact that I am arguably a Republican.  Did either conversation accomplish anything?  Not really.  These arguments are like playing Battleship.  It may simulate strategy, but nothing of consequence comes from sinking your opponent’s Battleship.  It’s a game.  And like all things in human history, ultimately, it isn’t about the truth.  It’s about territorialism.  It’s about me beating you, and you beating me.  Selfishness essentially.  And always ego.   Territorialism is the root of all man’s problems.  Until the day when humanity gives up the idea of ownership or power, we’ll never be at peace.  Ack.  I sound like a fucking hallmark card.

The point is, none of it matters.  I think the difference between Obama’s supporters and everyone else, is that they seem to buy into his Cult of Personality.  Take the twat that keeps trying to beat me down verbally with her threats of violence.  She isn’t necessarily representative of the average Obama voter (Fuck, I hope not), but her… zeal is.  Look at the Obama-girl on youtube.  The bitch actually thinks he’s a super hero.  I don’t think she’s being metaphorical.   On the other end, I don’t think Republicans have actually believed in a Presidential candidate since Reagan.  Reagan may not have been history’s greatest President, but we actually believed in him.  He was the last of a dying breed.

I think all sides need to come to the agreement, that we’re just picking favorites.  Neither side has any real evidence that their guy will be a great President.  For a lot of people, we’re just going with the guy that’ll do the least damage.  Which sucks.  But it’s realistic.

Look, good intentions or not, neither of these guys is really on the side of the average person.  They can’t be.  They’re too out of touch.  McCain seems down to Earth, but this is a guy who was tortured in Vietnam.  Do you really think he shares our perspective?  And Obama is a Hollywood darling.  Who knows where his head is.  But it’s probably not among us normal folk.

It’s all stupid, really.  Just another excuse for us to pick fights with people.  Just another way for us to prove who is more superior.


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