Swan Song

Can you hear it?  It’s been coming for a while now.  They’ve been tearing it apart.  Piece by piece.  Brick by brick.  The nation we were born in has been torn asunder.  This is a new America.  A different one.   We’ll be a nation of pioneers again.  But while the cult of personality that surrounds our new President believes that to be a good thing, the rest of us know that the original pioneers of this country suffered through lawlessness and famine.   But they persevered.

Still, it’s a difficult thing to accept.   I knew it was coming, but I still held out hope.  Hope that the people of this country weren’t so stupid that they would elect a man solely on the basis of his race.   But of course they would.   We were the naive ones, not them.  We believed political correctness was a gimmick and a fad.  But it is no more so than McCarthyism was.  It is an era.   It is the swan song of common sense.

The bell tolls. The death knell.  Be prepared for change.  You are no longer a person.  You are now part of the problem.  And they’ll do their best to wipe you from the history books.  To forget that people like us, honest, blue collar folks who believed in the America our grandparents built, ever existed.  In time you will go the way of the Cro-Magnon.  They’ll say you couldn’t evolve and died.   But we’ll know better.

But let’s not be bitter.  We will not cry and whine and stomp our feet.   We are not the same as our opponents. We don’t cry when things do not go out way. We will take it like adults; gentlemen and proper ladies.   We’ll do our best to persevere in this new world.   And maybe we’ll get our chance to ride off into the sunset.



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