A Rose By Any Other Colored

Sigh.  He’s not even in office and it’s starting already.  As if this country wasn’t politically correct (i.e. retarded) enough, the glass bottom is about to fall out beneath us.

The media is in a frenzy because new age lesbian/ Democratic fund raiser and supporter/ “recovering” pill head/ big tittied former red head/ moron Lindsey Lohan said she was [excited that we finally have a “colored” president.]  I’m not sure why “colored” is in quotations, but that’s the way the media writes it.  Maybe that’s the correct spelling.   In any case, I’m not sure what the outrage is all about.  I’m pretty sure Obama knows he’s black.   It’s not as though he read it and went “Wait, what? I’m a… nooooo.  Why didn’t anyone tell me?”  This is not a Dave Chapelle sketch people.

And technically you can’t really call colored a racist term.   Shut up, you heard me.  (Well, not heard, but…  anyway.)  What does NAACP stand for?   You can’t really argue that something is prejudiced against your people when you refer to yourself by that term.   I don’t go around telling people I’m a stupid Wop.  Because I’m not a fucking idiot.  (Interesting I DO call myself a Dago sometimes.  I think it’s cute.)

What’s more, I’ve never heard anyone use that term except as a historical reference (or, you know, referring to a book.  some are colored.  how come no one stands up for the colored books?). It isn’t really part of the modern lexicon.  So really, you shouldn’t condemn Lindsey Lohan for being politically incorrect so much as anachronistically incorrect.  It would be like someone from Los Angeles speaking in Olde English.  Or a rapper calling someone Daddy-O.

It’s just ridiculous.

My point is, get over it.  Grow up. Get a life.  I mean are we really going to spend the next four years whining everytime someone makes a faux pas?  Yes this one was unusual, but she was an Obama booster, for chrissakes!

Why do I get the feeling I’m about to have a four year headache?


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