American Muscle

There was an article in Time Magazine the other day talking about how American cars suck but we still need to bail them out. That really pissed me off. You would think a magazine as respected as Time would feature unbiased articles. Apparently not.

I hate it when people talk shit about American Cars. Not because I give a damn whether they like the cars or not, but because every last one of them is misinformed.  They repeat all kinds of marketing nonsense they’ve heard as fact.

Here is some of the media spin you may have heard.

  1. Foreign cars get better gas mileage.
  2. Foreign cars last forever.
  3. American cars break down all the time and don’t last.
  4. Foreign cars are faster with smaller engines.
  5. Foreign cars have better resale value.

Now here are the facts.

  1. False. Most of the time the people who make these statements are comparing apples and oranges.  If you compare an 8 cylinder Corvette to a 4 cylinder Carolla, of course its going to have higher gas mileage.  Compare instead to Cobalt which also has four cylinders. Furthermore, the vehicle with the worst gas mileage is the Nissan Titan. The Hummer H2 gets much better mileage.
  2. Nothing lasts forever. Anyone who says this is a moron.
  3. Following up on number 2, you get out of a car what you put into it. My Dad has a 1978 El Camino thats still running 30 years later.  Granted it needs constant work, but thats the  point.  If you want your car to last a long time, you need to do constant maintenance regardless of who made it.
  4. False.  Their own websites will tell you this.  Most foreign (specifically, Asian) cars have high end torque.  That means their cars work twice as hard to do the same numbers as the American cars.  Add to that the fact that the American cars are cheaper. So even if they get a little less horsepower, a little elbow grease means you have a faster vehicle for less money with an engine that will last longer.
  5. True, actually.  But that’s because market value is based on customer opinions rather than facts. In other words, Foreign auto makes have better advertising. They tell you all the bullshit you read above, you believe it, and the value of their cars  and their resale value goes up. Basically your Honda is worth more because you’re gullible.

These are the facts. Feel free to check the websites.  Again, I’m not saying you should buy American (although your reluctance does help destroy the economy).  Buy what you want.  But facts are facts.  American cars are just as good, and in many cases better than their competition.  What you like is merely your taste.


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