Goodbye Time

I’ve gone through this blog in my head about a thousand times in the last 5 days, abusing melodrama in about a billion different ways.  But then that’s more for my benefit than yours.  When it comes down to it, it’s all about me.  So fuck it.  Might as well just say it.

I’m moving to Orlando.  

Yes, really.

I’ll be there in February.  Period.  

Yes, really.

I told my work that I quit.  I have an apartment and everything.

It’s not ideal.  Short notice to upheave ones life.  And I’ll be giving up a lot.  Those of you I said I would be visiting?  Thats out.  And any plans I had made for the year.  That new computer that I really do need?  Bye-bye.   My beloved weekly comics?  A memory.

And if I feel like I’m giving up so much, what am I giving it up for?  There will be struggle.  Some truly suckfest moments are in my future.  Felatialicious even! (TM Adam 2009)  But where there will be pain, there shall also be reward.  This is where I find out what I’m made of.  Can I make it on my own?  No college.  No built-in job.  No money to speak of.  Just me versus the world.  In the words of Buffy Summers, I’m shaking in my stylish yet affordable boots.  And what’s more, my heart is trying to reconcile the idea of leaving my family behind.  I’ll see them again, sure.  But from now on, they’ll be out of reach.  At dinner, my Ma asked me {if I would} “still call {her} every day.”  As the words fell from her lips, I knew that she’d just realized this wasn’t like the other times.  This time I was leaving and not coming back.

I’m that guy you know that left the nest and went far, far away.   It hurts my heart.  And yet I always knew this day would come.    An instinct I was born with told me that I would have to leave them behind.  I can no more deny that than I can deny the wind.

So there you are.  Will I make it?  We’ll see.

But don’t be surprised if you see me on some obese male web stripper site in a few months.

I bet thats a real site.


2 responses to this post.

  1. You win that bet. Cute blue smiley guy with a parasol drink. I’m afraid to go in. You go first.

    Baby, I’m so excited for you. A little scared, but really excited. I’m bettin’ you handle the shift with grace and aplomb and more strength than you knew you had in you.



  2. heheheheh. I love that you checked the site. I’d wondered who would.


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