Just Another Day

Today is the day that Barack Obama gets inaugurated as our 44th (?) President of the United States. People have been paying small fortunes to be there. Personally, I won’t be watching. It’s not political though; I wouldn’t have watched if McCain had won either. The Nation is on the verge of a major depression. I just don’t think this is the time to be spending Government money and time to pay celebrities to show up and get drunk. More than that, all this crap just further endorses the Hollywood-ization of the election process.

For me, like a lot of people, this is just another day at work. As you may have guessed, I voted for McCain/ Palin. But the reality is that we lost. 60 percent of the nation disagreed with us. So now it’s a moot point who won or by how much. Barack Obama is our new President of the United States of America. And here’s the rub… you have to respect that. I’m not jumping on the band wagon. No matter what, you will not see a shred of Obamania in me. That said, I hope he does well. Though I disagree with his policies, the reality is he is our only option. His failures are our failures. His successes ours as well. But we are the recipients of the consequences, not him.

It is pointless to argue.

SoI don’t celebrate his Inauguration. But I respect the fact that he’s our new leader, ri¬†ght or wrong. And for once, I hope that I am wrong.


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