MegaCon 2009

I’ve wanted to go to a comic book convention since I was all of 12 years old.  It took me 19 years to make it, but this weekend I attended Orlando’s own MEGA-CON.  

Having gone to my first, it has only whetted my appetite for bigger shows like Wizard World Los Angeles and the big daddy, San Diego Comic Con.  I had an awesome time.  

Admittedly Mega Con is a smaller show.  All the media attention was focused on WonderCon in San Francisco.  Even so, we had some serious action in Orlando.

img_0570I went Friday with the intention of getting a lot of signatures out of the way before everyone showed up over the next two days.  From the second I arrived at the Orlando Convention Center I felt at home.  People of every shape and size  were there in all manner of costume.  Final Fantasy finatics.  Comic book characters.  Even some idiot dressed like Beetlejuice.  (Good impression but I hate Beetlejuice.) There was a DeVry Institute Graduation next door to the convention.  I had to laugh as proud parents watched their babies withimg_0581 diplomas and tried to take pictures as Mega Man and the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers walked by.

As I said, there were less people Friday, which allowed me to get some decent time in at the Con.   One of my favorite writers, Mark Waid, had a panel which I got to attend.   He made a lot of jokes and debuted material from his new company, Boom Studios.  He’ll be writing two new series:

  •  The Unknown is a new miniseries about the world’s greatest detective.  She’s dying, but refuses to shuffle off until she finds 0ur what happens when you die.
  •  Irredeemable is the story of the world’s greatest hero— who slowly becomes the world’s greatest villain.

 Both sound pretty amazing.  Afterwards I was able to get Mr. Waid’s signature on my copy of Kingdom Come #1.  I told him how much I loved his work over the years.  He thanked me and said “That’s great to hear.  At the end of the say I’m just a guy who got lucky enough to write comics for a living.”  And when I asked him about a career in editing, he even gave me his e-mail address and said if I ever move to LA he might be able to get me an internship.  That’s pretty amazing for how big a guy he is in the industry.


I got a bunch of great signatures, including Jimmy Cheungimg_0577,

Chuck Dixon, Greg Land and Tony Bedard (with whom I also had a great conversation).   I think the best thing about all this is that these guys were so great about it.  Very few of them had egos (although there were a couple assholes).

Unfortunately my experiences with the “celebrities” wasn’t as great.  Don’t get me wrong, they were nice.   Al Snow (WWE Superstar and Tough Enough host) is apparently a comics fan as well, and walked up behind me while I was bent over a comic stand.   And I had a decent conversation with Christy Hemme.  The problem is they wanted money for everything from a signature to a picture with them.   20 bucks!!  No offense, but if I pay twenty bucks to take a picture with  you, the picture will be of you on your knees sucking my cock. Tricia Helfer of BSGI don’t begrudge them making a living, but 20 dollars is way over the top.  Consequently I didn’t get pictures with any of them, including BattleStar Galactica’s Tricia Helfer.





DC UniverseI hadn’t intended to go on Saturday, but I found out DC and Marvel were doing panels.   I just made it to DC’s.  Even got to ask a question.  Dan Didio’s answer was a major Announcement.

  • Bruce Wayne’s situation will be addressed in Blackest Night #0

He also gave a little spoiler on the first issue of Flash Rebirth.

  • In the first issue a Runner dies.

Marvel’s panel later in the day wasn’t nearly as exciting.  Whereas EIC Dan Didio showed up and was flanked by some big names of DC, Marvel tossed a few artists at us, none of whom knew anything about what was going on, even in their own respective books.  After a while I got sick of being jerked around and walked out.

But it was on Saturday that I got my biggest surprise.  I waited in line for over an hour to get the signature of superstar artist Ethan Van Sciverimg_1658 (Green Lantern, Flash Rebirth).  As we got closer and closer to the front of the line, I realized he was doing free sketches for fans.

I can’t tell you how big a deal that is.  These sketches could be sold for a hundred dollars on ebay.  He is a big time artist in the business.

So when it came my turn, I asked if he could do Superboy Prime for me (let’s just say he’s an evil Superman).  He went straight to it without a word.img_0002  When all was said and done he’d given me this beautiful sketch as well as a signed poster and comic.  I was blown away by the man’s generosity.  I even felt a little guilty for not paying him something. 

Make no mistake though, I will not be selling this sketch.  I love it.  Iy’s going up on my wall.

Which brings me to Sunday when I went with my friend Alexandra.Alex It was her first time at a con as well.  Can you tell?  She went a litttttttle nuts what with all the Final Fantasy schwag around.  Yeppers, it was geek’s bonanza. She took pictures with all the pretty freaks, broke the heart of a poor little geek.  And informed me matter-of-factly that she could have well over a dozen boys like him, there, if she so wanted.

Good times.


I got my signature from comics legend George Perez and we moved on down to Marvel Cover Artist Brandon Peterson.  I just happened to have a 30th Anniversary issue of Uncanny X-Men which Peterson had worked on.  Not nearly as big a deal as I’m making it sound.  When I asked him to sign it, he accidently spilled Vitamin water all over it.  He apologized profusely, to which I said it was no big deal.img_0004  But he insisted on making up for it and asked us to come back in ten minutes.  When we did, he presented me with a copy of his sketchbook, including a sketch on the inside of Wolverine saying “Sorry Bub”.  And of course he signed it.

I carried the thing around for the next hour, despite the fact that I had a backpack on.  I just love it so much.  Again.  Not for sale!!!  

Alexandra and I left not more than an hour later for fear she would break her bank on Final Fantasy soundtracks.l_acdc3aed34b7445fbeab44bd315fedac

Over all it was a great experience, though I hadn’t realized how expensive these things are.  Next time I go, I’ll need to have cash to spend.

Fortunately, the FX show is in  two months!  Can’t wait.


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