Janeane Garofalo is a Racist

Remember back when Janeane Garofolo was funny?

Me neither.  No, kidding.  I used to enjoy her years ago on movies such as The Truth About Cats and Dogs  and  Bye Bye Love.   Then one day this D-list actor/ C-list comedian (and yes, I’m being fair.  i can rattle off a list of female and male comedians at the time who were and are much funnier than her) decided that she was smarter than “experts”, people with “PHDs” and basically everyone else.  Fair enough. I mean, where would the world be without ignorant, ranting left wing nutjobs like her and Michael Moore.  Think about it…
Man that was a nice dream.
But I digress.   Recently Garofolo got a bug up her ass about the many people who joined in the nationwide Tea Parties on April 15th.  On the Kieth Obermann show she went off on a rant, referring to everyone who attended those parties as ignorant “racist tea-bagging rednecks” who know nothing about the Boston Tea Party, the current tax and spending habits of our leaders or anything else.  She directly states that people like me attended these things (for the record I would have but I was literally on a plane when my local party went down) because Barack Obama is black and we’re… I dunno… all skinheads and Klansmen.   But don’t take my word for it, here she is in her own words:

Okay, Janeane is welcome to her opinion, just like all of you are. But I would like to point 
out the facts, which she claims we are ignorant of.

First of all, most conservatives are up in arms (ignoring specifics) because:

1)The current administration has completely insulted the American people. He has called us 
arrogant and blamed us for the world’s financial problems.

FACT: The United States is a body of people. WE are not responsible for the current economic
recession. It is improperly run Corporations, irresponsible money-lenders and dishonest Politicians
who have created this dilemma, which the majority of American people do not number among.

2)His financial policies are both bogus, detrimental and completely socialist in nature. Don’t argue.
He plans to increase taxes, government social programs and spending (actually, plans indicates that
he hasn’t already done it) in order to steal from the rich and give to the poor. Theres a word for that.
It’s called Socialism. Furthermore, he just increased our national debt, not only beyond a sustainable
level, but more than any other President before him, in order to implement an Economic Stimulus plan
that no one believes will accomplish anything positive.

FACT: Obama himself has said that the stimulus probably won’t start to yield positive results until 2013.
Let me ask you, doesn’t it seem a little suspicious that he could come up with a number that would allow him
to ruin the economy for his entire term and still clain that his plan will work if you re-elect him. IT’S THE

3) The Obama administration has established itself as the weakest regime on foreign policy in American
history. He has openly stated that he plans to disarm our nuclear weapons in the hopes that our enemies
will follow suit. That statement completely jumps dangerously naive and lands on criminally incompetent.

FACT: Obama bowed before a Saudi prince. No American President has EVER bowed before a foreign dignitary.
Bowing is a sign of allegiance. It means I humble myself before you. For a President to bow before someone
it is considered a sign of weakness. Also, he has opened diplomatic relations with Cuba and has been praised by
Fidel Castro and his brother. HELLO! EVIL COMMUNIST NATION! Oppressive government!

4) This administration has established itself as being opposed to freedom of speech and the right to bear arms.

FACT: Right before the Tea Parties, Obama’s head of homeland security labeled all right wing attendees as the
biggest threat to the US. She called us radicals and extremists. That means your Grandmother may be higher on 
the public enemy list than Osama Bin Laden.

Now, the Tea Parties themselves were an homage to the original Boston Tea Party. The famous slogan back then
was No Taxation Without Representation. The people who organized and attended those parties (who by the way
WERE NOT ALL CONSERVATIVE OR EVEN WHITE) feel that we are not represented by our leadeship, in the Executive 
or Legislative branches. They are disgusted by the spending trends started by GW Bush and expanded on by Obama.
Nor do they agree with the tax policies, which historically have always increased debt and ruined the economy. Ask 
Jimmy Carter.

Despite Ms Garofolo’s ignorant and unfounded claims, many of the attendees were asked specifically not to mention Obama and to keep to the financial issues which they disagree with. It wasn’t a Klan rally (which I’m sure the black and minority participants appreciated).

We don’t want Barack Obama to fail. He is our President. We want his policies to fail and for him to grow
up and act like the Leader of the Free World rather than Karl Marx’s sock puppet.

Lastly, I would like to take exception to the Redneck comment.

While I consider myself a Redneck, technically I’m not.

Redneck refers to people who work in the sun, like farmers and mason workers and railroad builders. Their
necks are red from the sun. Basically it refers to blue collar workers. Nothing to do with racism.

Most of the people at those tea parties were probably not rednecks by definition or culture. But those who were…
well… its about as insulting as if she had called them all incredibly sexy and brilliant. But the fact that 
she TRIES to turn it into a racial epithet (and I would argue that rednecks are a race of people in many ways) not
only makes her ignorant, but an open hypocrit.  

This is what people like her do. They don’t like that people have an opinion opposed to theirs so they spread propaganda
and yell words like RACIST to try to discredit their opponents. They do this because they know they can’t win in an argument.

BUt hey, it’s her right. And as so many have said before me, I will defend her right to express it.

But I would like to leave you with one final thought.

The first step in oppressing a people is to suppress their voice. Don’t let them take yours. Stand up for what you believe.

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