The Cowboy In Us All

We are the farmers and the soldiers.  The teachers and the shop owners.  Butchers and bakers, and yes, even candlestick makers. 

We are the stay at home mothers and waitresses.  Bridge builders and rail workers.  The immigrants and the legacies.  Dreamers and artisans and athletes alike.   We are the body and the spirit of America.   Our fathers and grandfathers and many ancestors built this nation, not by the color of their skin or the shade of their collar, but by the sweat of their brow.

In the end, we’re just simple folk trying to carve out a life for us and our children in this world.  We can sense the shift in the world, the mighty quake that splits the ground and divides us all.  We know you’re out there.  We know that you wish us gone and silent.   You paint us in darkness and hate, hoping the fire of your lies will burn out the truth.

Suddenly we are Un-American for our dissent and disagreement.  As if our right to speak should not be and had never been but for some grievous error on the part of the Founders.   We are not the lunatic fringe this new regime paints us out to be.  We are many and we are strong.   We are not foolish ideologs.  We are believers; placing our faith in our fellow man and in the spirit of Democracy.

It is the duty of every man, woman and child to speak out and to question our nation’s leadership.  This is not the treason this administration details.  It is our heritage.  It is our right.  It is our duty in the face of poor leadership and the deaths of Democracy and Capitalism.   It is not us who have betrayed our nation.  It is our leaders who have betrayed us; betrayed the stone foundation that our world was built upon.  You claim Americans are arrogant?  The entire 20th century, from the Industrial Age to the Modern Age was made possible by the will of free men and women in this very nation, and the priviledge of a free market economy.  Where would the people of Earth be without Thomas Edison, Henry Ford, Benjamin Franklin and Harry Truman and the women and men who came before and after them?

We are not arrogant.  

We are forgetful.  Our sin is not arrogance, but sloth.  We have sat idly by far too long, resting on the priviledges and conveniences provided by our parents.  We’ve forgotten the will and the dreams that made us special.   But no more.  You have spurned us to action.  You’ve envoked our benevolent wrath.  And soon this mighty wind will rise into a hurricane, and we will take back our nation.  We will restore all that is good and brilliant about the United States of America.   You cannot silence us all.  We’re not soldiers or gun fanatics or even freedom fighters.  

We are believers.  We are Americans. And very soon you will remember what that means.


“The price of liberty is eternal vigilance.” -Thomas Jefferson

“The first step in oppressing a people is to suppress their voices.  Stand up and be heard.” -Adam Relayson


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