No Voice for Americans

On my way back home just now, I turned on Sean Hannity as I often do.   In listening, I discovered that Miss California, Carrie Prejean, had been stripped of her crown.  I won’t bore you with the back-story, but if you’d like it, feel free to read here first.  Suffice it to say that Carrie Prejean’s story is a tale of warning to us all.  It is definitive illustration of how the media runs our lives.


As mentioned in the previous post, I disagree with Ms Prejean’s opinions on gay marriage.  Yet I am appalled at the treatment she has recieved as a result of giving an honest, polite and well-spoken answer to a difficult question she should NEVER have been asked in the first place.   Perez Hilton is part of the Nazi-esque liberal machine  that runs this nation.  He has an agenda based largely around his career, and he used Carrie Prejean to further that agenda. Because of him, Carrie was denied the Miss America crown.   Okay. Fine.  Then he goes on to attack the woman, again furthering his agenda and drawing attention to himself (which resultantly helps his career).   And of course the rest of the media can’t just let it go.   A few weeks later they attacked her for daring to have breast implants.


Who would have guessed a model and beauty queen would have fake breasts?  Unheard of.   And now that this “controversy” has passed, the Miss California USA Organization has saw fit to strip her of her crown.   They gave some half-baked explanation for the firing by claiming she has not fulfilled her contractual duties as Miss California.  Come on.  Really?   She made a statement that disagrees with liberal America and the howdy-doody P.C. green-blooded world that is being tattooed onto the American landscape.   And she has paid the penalty for it.

I disagree with her opinion, but I would absolutely rally to her position.   She has a right to her opinions just as Perez Hilton does.   We used to be free to express those opinions, but it becomes clearer each day that the Second Amendment only applies to people with the “right” opinions.

Well to hell with that.   Take notice America.  You may not have a problem with seeing this woman tormented, but that’s only because it doesn’t affect you or your opinions.   But sooner or later it will happen to you.   It’s not about Right Wing or Left Wing.  Its about Power and Responsibility.    And these days I’m seeing a lot of power and not much in the way of responsibility.   And the majority of the people are not the ones with the power.  Doesn’t matter if you agree with them now, sooner or later you won’t.  And when that happens, you’ll be just another fly on the windshield.   Because if you’re not in power, in the new world regime, you are nameless.

Welcome to the New World Order, America. Hope you survive the experience.


4 responses to this post.

  1. She has every right to her opinion, but they have every right to not want her to represent their state or organization or whatever as a result. Because the public answers of a spokes person reflect on whatever they represent. You don’t have to like it. I don’t like beauty pageants. I think they’re stupid and out dated, and NO she should never have been asked a substantial question. It’s a joke to think that people who’s whole lives revolve around how to get bigger hair, or which fake eyelashes to wear are going to have much of interest to say.

    Of course there are exceptions. There always are. But please, she knows what business she’s in. “What would you do to change the world?” “What advice would you give to young women right now” etc. They don’t want the real answer. They want the answer that sounds good, just like they don’t REALLY expect them to change the world or advise young women.

    I do think her opinion sucks. She has the right to it, but I don’t have to care more about her than she does about “the gays”. I’m entitled to my opinion to.


    • Well there are few problems with that argument.

      1) according to them, they’re stripping her of the crown because she didn’t fulfill her contract, though there’s no statement as to something specific.
      2) the pageant was a couple of months ago. it’s a non-issue, unless they make it one. the more attention they draw to Prejean, the more they rally people around her, so instead of being a beauty queen, she’s a martyr.
      3) it’s Constitutionally unlawful to fire someone for expressing their right to free speech. would it be okay for someone to fire Perez Hilton for being outspokenly gay? legally, no.
      4) she never said that she dislikes gay people. she said that she believes that marriage exists between a man and a woman. it’s not a political opinion. it’s a personal one.

      The questions you site are open-ended questions. There’s no right or wrong. The question she was asked only had one of two answers. One of those answers would have been a betrayal of what she believes in. She refused to betray her beliefs. That’s admirable in ANY culture. And she paid the price for that. Fine. But they continue to hound this woman. Why? She’s a beauty queen! She had no intention of being a gay rights opponent. And in fact, she has no say whatsoever in whether gays are allowed to marry (aside from her one vote). But the media refuses to leave her alone because she’s Conservative.

      You see, you ARE entitled to your opinion. But no one is going to blackball you because of it. No one would make jokes about your child the way they trash Sarah Palin’s daughter. And Carrie Prejean would support your right to disapprove of her opinion.

      I don’t like beauty pageants either. Just like I hate American Idol and So You Think You Can Dance. But I like the sublimation of another human being’s rights even less.

      When you take away one person’s voice, you take it from us all.


  2. Oh contraire, mon frere. It depends on who you’re surrounded by. As an agnostic or an atheist, you don’t think anyone wants to tell me I’m the problem? As a woman who doesn’t feel she needs, and who won’t accept “leadership” from random individuals just because they have an extra appendage, you don’t think I’ve never been bashed? No matter what a person’s beliefs are, they are going to face opposition. Even Switzerland, by taking NO side, will never hear the end of that. It’s the way of humanity, it seems.

    The same sort of thing happened to that other broad because there were “suggestive” photos. It’s a notoriously ridiculous group.

    I too, wish the media would just cut it out. ‘Cause I don’t care. I don’t care about her, or John and Kate, or Mel Fucking Gibson, or The Olson Twins, or Lindsay Lohan, or any of these morons. There is no actual News anymore. It’s all scandal sheet press. But I guess people watch it.


    • But see, no one is firing you for your political views. For all the talk about how evil us conservatives are, I never hear even the most vocal and venomous of them demanding someone be fired for their opinions… well… unless your name is Pelosi or Sotomayor. But that isn’t about opinion. Its about job perfomance. (or in Pelosi’s case, perjury)

      I’m not telling you no one has ever insulted you. Or held you back. But that’s wrong no matter whose side you’re on. You’re an American citizen, and you should be allowed to feel what you feel without interference or repercussions.

      Joe Whatsisfacekervitch (hoping that isn’t a real name) should be able to hate foreigners all he wants, as long as he doesn’t do anything to them. There’s nothing wrong with that. You can disagree and even dislike someone without sacrificing professionalism. That’s a personal choice. Prejean has her beliefs, right or wrong. She doesn’t push those beliefs on anyone. She isn’t championing an anti-gay-marriage cause. But she’s now in a position where people expect her to talk about them. The media and Hilton PUT HER in that position.

      So let me ask you, if … MEL GIBSON… was asking you whether gays would be allowed to marry, and your winning a prestigious beauty pageant hinged on your answer, would you betray what you believe? Would you kiss his ass bc he expects you to answer “the right way”? I know you. And I don’t think you would. (And not just because it’s Gibby asking.)

      And as for Switzerland– I think people care more about their chocolate and breasts. But I get your meaning.

      –I have a friend who loses her shit on Facebook when people talk bad about Jon and Kate. I.. don’t know what to say to her.


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