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I Kill Giants

There are a lot of stigmas surrounding comics.   More often than not, people have pre-concieved notions about what and how a comics is.  They get this idea of superhero comics and bebcome dismissive.  They don’t understand that when you take away the “Super” dressing, and get to the heart of the “Hero”, what you have is a story about people.   In reading Joe Kelly’s I Kill Giants, I am reminded not only of what comics truly are, but what they can be.


I Kill Giants is the story of a precocious little girl named Barbara who spends her life preparing to hunt and kill Giants.  Her obsession is so singular that she blocks out everyone around her, from the mundanes that surround her in school to the family that loves her, despite their broken home.  But Barbara doesn’t care about people; Barabara just wants to kill Giants. Together with her legendary war hammer Covaleski, she plans to end the lives of Giants no matter how powerful.   And yet no one else seems concerned that the monster may come.  To them, she’s just a strange girl with a bizarre fascination with mythology.   Maybe she is.   And it seems that no one can get through the wall of calloused cynicism she’s built around her heart, until one day a new school psychologist and a new neighbor named Sophia walk into her life.  Combined with the arrival of a new school bully named Taylor, Barbara’s life is sent spiraling through a course of events that she may not survive, or even want to.

I won’t pretend I’m entirely certain what happended in the strictest sense of this story.   There is a stark contrast painted between the “real” world that Barbara is forced to tolerate and the magic world in which she lives.   In the end, it doesn’t matter.  The answer to that question is not nearly as important to Barbara’s story as you may first imagine.   On one level it appears to be the story of a child escaping into her imagination to avoid the harshness of her reality.  And yet at times it seems to be about her stuggle to slay the monsters which only she can see and defeat.   But it’s both… and it’s neither.

I won’t ruin the book by defining it.   But Barbara’s journey will enthrall you.  Her tortured, brilliant young mind will empathize with you.  Her fights with Giants will astound you.  And her plight will reduce you to tears.  And you will fear for Barbara, but don’t worry… she’s stronger than she thinks she is.

I Kill Giants is exemplary of the kind of complex writing that comics are capable of, and achieve more often than society believes.    It’s a story about life.  And a story about people.



The Dirty Thirty

There are certain milestones in everyone’s life.   We attach a special significance to certain birthdays.

The 1st birthday is more about the parents than the kids.  Generally they’re still happy to discover they have feet at that point.   Your 13th birthday is  proof that you’re growing up. You’re a teen now.  Woo. Hoo.   Sweet 16 is about freedom. You can drive now.  You can leave the nest, making it much easier to have sloppy, drunken teen sex.   18 is graduation and 21 is the official age of adulthood and drinking… even though you’ve probably been at it for about 8 years at that point.

But all of that pales in comparison to the dreaded, dirty 30.

The Dirty Thirty takes you from the wonderous state of adulthood of 21 having one foot in the grave.  Suddenly you’re 3-0.  You’re old!  You’re dying! And whereas in previous years people celebrated your birth, when it comes to 30 they spend an entire year laughing at you and asking stupid questions like

Sooooo…   THIRTY, huh?  That’s rough.  How you feel about that?

Really?  How do I feel about it?   I’ll tell you how I feel.   I don’t give a shit.   Yeah, in a month I’ll be 3 decades old.    But I’ll only be one day closer to death than I was the day before.

Besides, for all that age robs of you in time, the one thing it provides is burdgeoning fearlessness.   Youth is for the birds, you see.  But I am the finest of wines; I only get better with age.

Mine will be the dirtiest of thirties.  I plan to engage in a level of debauchery that can only be defined as a travesty.  30 shall be my year of recknoning and wreckage.    Villages, prepare to be raped!  Women, get ready to be plundered!  Boats will sink!   Cities will raze to the ground!  Children will shit their pants!

It should be quite a decade.

No Compromise, No Surrender

I’ve never been the kind of man that follows others. Maybe it’s the stubborn Sicilian in me.  I do not believe in accepting the world as it is.  Nor do I accept a concept as truth based on the person who speaks it.  I have been called arrogant, condescending, intolerable and all manner of half-wit insults.

It is not enough to say “this is truth because I say it is so.”   It is unacceptable to allow wrongs because the rights do not come easy.

The reality is that the world will make you bend.  Compromise is inevitabile.  What matters is that you never compromise who you are, or what you believe.  For when  you do, you are lost.

They’ll come at you hard and fast from directions you cannot fathom.  But you must not break.  At times you may waver and falter, but you do not fall, you do not break.

Never accept easy answers.

Never allow others to determine who you are.

Never shirk personal responsibility.

Never allow fear to control you.

No compromise.

No surrender.

No Voice for Americans

On my way back home just now, I turned on Sean Hannity as I often do.   In listening, I discovered that Miss California, Carrie Prejean, had been stripped of her crown.  I won’t bore you with the back-story, but if you’d like it, feel free to read here first.  Suffice it to say that Carrie Prejean’s story is a tale of warning to us all.  It is definitive illustration of how the media runs our lives.


As mentioned in the previous post, I disagree with Ms Prejean’s opinions on gay marriage.  Yet I am appalled at the treatment she has recieved as a result of giving an honest, polite and well-spoken answer to a difficult question she should NEVER have been asked in the first place.   Perez Hilton is part of the Nazi-esque liberal machine  that runs this nation.  He has an agenda based largely around his career, and he used Carrie Prejean to further that agenda. Because of him, Carrie was denied the Miss America crown.   Okay. Fine.  Then he goes on to attack the woman, again furthering his agenda and drawing attention to himself (which resultantly helps his career).   And of course the rest of the media can’t just let it go.   A few weeks later they attacked her for daring to have breast implants.


Who would have guessed a model and beauty queen would have fake breasts?  Unheard of.   And now that this “controversy” has passed, the Miss California USA Organization has saw fit to strip her of her crown.   They gave some half-baked explanation for the firing by claiming she has not fulfilled her contractual duties as Miss California.  Come on.  Really?   She made a statement that disagrees with liberal America and the howdy-doody P.C. green-blooded world that is being tattooed onto the American landscape.   And she has paid the penalty for it.

I disagree with her opinion, but I would absolutely rally to her position.   She has a right to her opinions just as Perez Hilton does.   We used to be free to express those opinions, but it becomes clearer each day that the Second Amendment only applies to people with the “right” opinions.

Well to hell with that.   Take notice America.  You may not have a problem with seeing this woman tormented, but that’s only because it doesn’t affect you or your opinions.   But sooner or later it will happen to you.   It’s not about Right Wing or Left Wing.  Its about Power and Responsibility.    And these days I’m seeing a lot of power and not much in the way of responsibility.   And the majority of the people are not the ones with the power.  Doesn’t matter if you agree with them now, sooner or later you won’t.  And when that happens, you’ll be just another fly on the windshield.   Because if you’re not in power, in the new world regime, you are nameless.

Welcome to the New World Order, America. Hope you survive the experience.



Would you vote for this woman?

Would you vote for this woman?



In case you haven’t heard, Louisiana Senator David Vitter is up for re-election soon and so far his most vocal candidate is a pornographic film actress.

That’s not a joke, at least not on my part.  The creators of began a campaign without the actress’ notice.  She apparently decided to leave the site alone as a bit of a lark.  Now people are wondering how much of a joke it is.

I’ve masturbated to a lot of Stormy Daniels films. I’ve seen the freckles on her taint in hi-def. I successfully jacked it to that 1 minute scene she had in The 40 Year Old Virgin with her tits out.  Once I even motorboated her tits in a dingy Baton Rouge bar while various drunks sang the LSU fight song.   Don’t ask.  So I’m probably going to be more fair to her than anyone in the actual media; which is to say I am going to treat her seriously.

Stormy Daniels is not the airhead that those opposed to pornography would like you to believe.  She’s not some cracked out hooker either.  In the wake of Jenna Jameson and the spread of internet viability, porn stars have become not only entrepeneurs, but brand names.  And Stormy Daniels is currently the reigning queen of porn.

Daniels writes, directs, produces  and stars in her own films.  And the sarcastic reader might ask how hard it can be to moan in front of a handi-cam?  But anyone who has ever attempted to shoot anything on film regardless of how short it is can tell you… it’s  A LOT harder than you think.  Stormy Daniels may literally be the hardest working actress in show business.

And I’ve heard her speak on various subjects.  She’s at least as smart as the average person, if not smarter (she makes a lot more money than most of you).  And the fact that she’s run her own business makes her more qualified to be the President of the United States than the actual President is. And there is a VERY good chance that a lot of men would vote for her behind closed doors just so they could pretend to take an active interest in politics.

That said, I wouldn’t vote for her.  And it isn’t because I know both styles of hair cuts she sports on any given day.  No, I don’t think Stormy Daniels is any less qualified to enter Congress because of her pornographic exploits than Al Franken is because of his exploits as Stuart Smalley. 

The reason I wouldn’t vote for her is because I feel that if she were elected it would because of her beauty and notoriety.  We are a nation that has become obsessed with image and marketing.  It rules our lives.  Whether you like President Obama or not, you have to admit that people are dietizing the man.  They’re so obsessed with his cult of personality that they buy shirts of him dressed as Superman.  And the election of a Porn Star only stands to blur that line between whats right and what looks good even further.


And no one is taking the idea of her running as seriously, but remember, two years ago, no one took Obama seriously either.  She’s smart.  She’s successful and she’s beautiful in a way that frankly isn’t trashy at all.  More than that, she’s more qualified to write legislation on sex education and STD’s than just about anyone you’ve ever met.

l49883899635_6550She’s involved in charities to protect children from the dangers of child pornography.  And unlike most Senators, she doesn’t have to worry about scandals distracting her from doing her job (I’m looking at you David Vitter) or motivation by greed (Ray Nagin, take a bow).

To be honest, I’ve almost convinced myself she should be elected.   But everytime you cross those lines, you make them disappear.  

At the very least, I would be interested to see how a race like that would play out.  And people would care more about politics.  Plus it would be cool to say I’ve touched the Senator’s titties.  And yes, they were just as soft and supple as you imagined they were.



Check out this video where the Daily Beast interviews her. And be honest, would you suspect her of being anything other than a nice, normal woman if you weren’t told anything?

A Better Republic(an)

I have a crush on Meghan McCain.   Can’t help it; she’s a smokin’ lil thing.  I read some of her blogs, but not for that reason.  Mostly I ended up on because I was a supporter of John McCain.  And I’m not ashamed to say that I have been since the election in 2000.  I don’t agree with everything the Senator McCain stands for, but I feel he represents me much more than anyone the Democratic Party will ever come up with.  So I followed his daughter’s coverage of the campaign.  

Since then I have followed her here and there at the Daily Beast including articles such as this.  To some degree or another the article is about the viability of the Republican Party, but more specifically about the Republican views on sex.  Here I would like to take a look at both, because I think she makes a lot of good points, but her opinion needs a little age and wisdom on it.

There is a segment of the Conservative movement that is somewhat afraid of Meghan McCain.  Because for some reason she has been singled out as the face of the next generation of Republicans.  And that is a little scary because she’s somewhat moderate in her Party views.  She is of the opinion that the Republican Party needs changing, and she’s not wrong, but the changes that the party are going through aren’t necessarily positive.

And my only real concern with Ms McCain is that she sort of unconsciously validates the ideas of people like James Carville who claim that hardline conservatives are dying old white men.    And it just isn’t true.  Conservatives are formed of every age, gender and ethnicity.  And while the political party may need to … I don’t want to say change exactly… but perhaps re-focus itself, it does not need to move further to the center.  And understand that there is a difference between Republicans and Conservatives.  The Republicans are the political party that supposedly represents the Conservatives.   A political party can compromise.  A political party can be moderate.  A Conservative cannot, by definition be moderate or compromising.  A Conservative is a person who believes in the conservation of the Constitution as it stands and that the document does not need to be interpreted or revised.  There is no compromise on that.  You can’t say “well, I like Freedom of Speech, but I don’t like guns, so you can lose that.”   You can’t say that you deserve free speech but talk radio hosts don’t. Once you erase that line in the sand, it’s gone.

Which is the real torture of being Conservative.  The Liberal/ Progressive movement can pretty much say or do whatever they want.  Barack Obama can throw out every promise under the sun.  Free health care and housing and schooling and a magic carpet ride.  It doesn’t matter because their voters aren’t concerned with statistical or historical facts.  A Republican candidate can’t do that.   Because all of those things expand government and concentrate power in the political sector.  And if you tell the voters you are paying for nationalized Health Care, you need to be able to prove that you can do it without raising taxes or borrowing more money.  You can’t tell a true Conservative you’re going to over-tax the rich and the businesses.  Because a true Conservative knows that Barack Obama is NOT the modern day Robin Hood his supporters believe him to be.  When you take from the rich, you are affecting the poor.  You punish the one and you hurt the other, because economic classes naturally form a symbiotic relationship.  So in essence the Republicans are hand-cuffed in every fight.

And the sad truth is that the problem stems from the merging of Christian views with Conservatism.  This will make me unpopular but it needs to be said.  A lot of Republicans believe that the beliefs they were taught as Christians and the political beliefs they were taught are intertwined.  And they’re not.   In some ways, Christian policies work against Conservatism.   Gay Marriage is considered a big issue.  Why?  What does that matter to the health of the nation?  People fight over it. It’s as if some believe that if Gay marriage is allowed cats and dogs will rain from the sky and Oprah Winfrey will rise up and eat Canada.  The aversion to and prejudice against homosexuality is a belief  pervaded by the Church.  And thats fine if thats what you believe, but when you push that belief onto your political views, you lose the argument.  They want to call it Civil Unions.  Well thats just semantics.  We’re not talking about marriages in churches.  That is off the table.  A government cannot interfere in the regular policies of any church so long as those policies do not constitute abuse.  So forget it.  But renaming it is irrelevant.  It doesn’t help or change the situation.

 Conservatives believe in the Bill of Rights.  The Bill of Rights says that all men are created equal, not all men are created equal except homo’s and cross-dressers.  Whether you believe it or not isn’t the issue.  What matters more to you, holding onto your God-given rights or denying someone else theirs?   And there are loads of issues like this that conflict.

Ms McCain makes a point about the pushing of abstinence on kids.  She’s absolutely right.  The Church says that there will be no sex before marriage.  Well guess what? It isn’t going to happen.  IT HAS NEVER HAPPENED.  People were having pre-marital sex during Jesus’ time and certainly after.  It is a genetic imperative that God must have put there, if you believe that God created us.  And it’s fine for the Church to push that agenda, but for a political party it is irresponsible.  Kids are having sex.  They’re getting pregnant.  They’re spreading disease.  They’re having abortions.  They are not being properly  educated on sex and their bodies and they are not being safe.  Saying that they need to just suck it up and abstain is dangerous naive.  And it’s probably hypocritical.  I’d bet money that most of the people pushing these ideas have themselves had Pre-marital sex.

And saying these things doesn’t make me a moderate Conservative, because it has nothing to do with Conservatism.  It is a social issue that is not addressed by the Constitution or the foundation of the United States, and it a social problem that needs to be addressed, particularly by the Republican Party.

And none of this is to say that I am politically similar to Meghan McCain.   I’m not.   I think that many of her stances are hurtful to the cause of Conservatism.  It’s not necessarily hurtful to the Republican Party, though.  The party can go in that direction. It can pander to the Left Wing and merge with moderation.  The GOP can become successful by improving its image.  Because thats what politics is really about: marketing.  Barack Obama is the American Idol president. He won a popularity contest.  His ideas weren’t better.  His ideas are ridiculous, and spouted from a less-photogenic candidate, he would have been booed off the stage.  But it’s about to image, not substance.  And the GOP is not an attractive alternative to people who don’t understand many of the issues being discussed.   

The Republican Party can ABSOLUTELY become more successful by shifting to a more moderate, politically correct stance.  But in the process, they would lose the fight.  And it wouldn’t be long before Conservatism would no longer have a place in the party.  And without that component, it is no longer a viable entity; it is no longer relvant.  It’s a wishy-washy group of people more concerned with being liked than upholding the Constitution.

The GOP does need a change.  It needs to examine what it wants to accomplish.  Do they want to be popular?  Do they want to attract people from the Left?  Or is it about being the echo of our Country’s waining glory?  Is it about reminding the world of what made us the Greatest Nation on Earth once?   And when they figure out what they want, they need to start ousting the chaff from the wheat.  I’m not saying we should be exclusionary.  I’m saying we should hold our ground.  Educate the people.  Remind them that being a Republican means.  And if they disagree with that, why would they want to be there?

And if you get there, when you get there… we’ll have a more balanced choice in future elections.  And we’ll have a better Republic.

Conspiracy Theorists

One of big propaganda, besides ‘racist’, that liberals use to brand and discredit conservatives is ‘paranoid’.  They love to suggest that we’re whack job consiracy theorists, sitting on our porches with shotguns and Dobermans.   And really, only the second half is true.

I’m not saying there’s no such thing as a paranoid conservative, because at it’s core, paranoia is the healthy realization that there is danger.  I don’t respect anyone who isn’t at least a little paranoid, because if they don’t understand the need to be cautious, then they are clearly naive.  

And I’ll even go so far as to say that we Conservatives are paranoid in this day and age, but there’s nothing theoretical about it.

You cannot call Conservatives conspiracy theorists.  It isn’t even arguable.  Because in order for us to be these things, we would have to be wrong.  When we tell you that Barack Obama is a Socialist, you cannot make an argument otherwise.  He is openly stating that he is redistributing wealth.  That’s what Socialism is!   We’ve said that he hates America.  Did he or did he not go to foreign nations and bad mouth Americans?  He did!   He is expanding government.  His administration is dismantling the Bill of Rights and trying to eliminate freedoms.  You can’t argue.  The Democrats have been trying to re-institute the so-called “Fairness Doctrine” which would make it illegal for Conservative talk show hosts to question the US Government and the President.  That’s Freedom of Speech!  When we tell you he is weakening our nation and our economy, he’s done it!

He has told our enemies that he plans to disarm our nuclear weapons.  (Which, by the way, only a complete moron would actually even consider.)  He increased the national debt beyond a sustainable level.  

These are things that the Left Wings and their poster boy have done.  You cannot argue.  

And Barack Obama isn’t lying about any of it. He’s been telling you his plans since day one, well before he was elected.  And it’s astounding to me that people still support him.  I’ve heard things like “You’re just afraid to give him a chance!  He’s new!”   But we’re not talking about Bill Clinton.  This man has an agenda and isn’t wasting any time pushing it through.  And the kind of damage these actions will inflict if left unabated, will be catastrophic. It’s not theory. Historically, the plans he is implementing have not ended well.  Over-taxing corporations and the upper class does not help the poor.  The fallout will tear the poor apart.

And none of it is up for dispute. He’s said it.  They’re doing it.  So I can only assume that you’re not listening to your President, or you don’t understand what he’s saying.

The bottom line is, if it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck… it’s probably Barack Obama taking away your Freedom.