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Australian Affinity

Ever since I was a little kid, I have been absolutely in love with Australia. Hell on Disney, to me Australia was the most magical place on Earth. And it still is, sort of.

So many great things have come from Australia. Crocodile Dundee… Nicole Kidman… Farscape… the Tazmanian Devil… uhh…kangaroos… OH! OUTBACK STEAKHOUSE! And lots of other great stuff.

I’ve always been fascinated with their continent. Looking back, it all started with Grease. Yes, Grease, the Broadway musical-turned film musical- turned Broadway musical again. From the second my five year old eyes saw Sandra Dee and my tiny ears heard her melodic voice singing “we go together like wap babaloo bop ba wap bam boom” I was in love. Well, it was a crush actually, but love sounds more romantic. And to be fair, I recall watching the video for “Let’s Get Physical” and remarking to my Mother something to the effect of “Mommy I want to marry her when I grow up.” To which I believe she said something vaguely lesbian.

Olivia Newton- John was my first crush. And what a crush she was; long golden hair, green eyes, sexy accent, the voice of an angel… sigh. Is it any wonder why I still get wood every time I hear Xanadu? Yeah, that’s right… XANADU! I love that song. Which is good, because once you even think about it, it’s stuck in your head for 3 years. Seriously, Xanadu should be in the Guinness Book of World Records for most difficult song to forget.


For some reason I was thinking about her yesterday. And I wanted to hear Hopelessly Devoted to You. So I plugged her name into youTube, and up popped a few dozen videos of her. And I realize this is a little gay, but I sat there for an hour and a half, staring and listening to my first crush with a moon-faced expression. Olivia may be a sterling representation of all things 80’s, but she still holds up. Her music isn’t just great in a nostalgic sense (let’s be honest, a good bit of 80’s music is); it’s just great music. Why isn’t this angel of melody celebrated more than she is?

And you know what? As I watched those videos… many of which are 25 years old now… I still have a crush on her. Hell, I think I still want to marry her. And I want to visit Australia more than ever.

Hmmm. I wonder if I could meet her?

Video of the Day (watch this and TRY not to fall head over heels for her, I dare you):