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Tits for Tots

It seems these days it’s always a slow news day, because the media can’t seem to come up with actual news which is relevant to the lives of their viewers.  No, instead they prefer to inundate us with stories about a couple of rich morons from The Hills getting married.   

This week, there’s even more noise being made about Miss USA runner-up and current Ms. California, Carrie Prejean.  For those of you who have lives, you may have missed the “controversy” that occurred during the Q & A portion of the pageant.  One of the judges, Perez Hilton, noted internet critic, Britney Spears fan and homosexual asked Ms. Prejean for her thoughts on the right for gay people to get married.  After a brief pause, Prejean decided to give an honest answer instead of a bullshit one.  She said that while she didn’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings, she believed that marriage is between a man and a woman.  Her answer pretty much cost her the crown as she lost Perez Hilton’s vote.  Later, Hilton used his popular website as a forum to bash Prejean, calling her a litany of unnecessary names and claiming that had she won, he would have ripped the crown off of her head.

Personally, I think I would have been more inclined to watch the program, had this cat fight gone down.  My money is one the beauty queen.  Those bitches will cut you! 

The odd thing is that while I am well known (maybe “well known” is a little strong) for my many conservative views, in some ways I am socially liberal/ progressive.   I happen to support the idea of gay marriage.  As a registered republican, I feel that one of the biggest problems with the party is this need to legislate morality based on religious upbringing.  

The term ‘liberal’ refers to the liberal interpretation and application of the Constitution. By contrast, conservatives believe in the preservation of the Constitution as written.  So if, as the Bill of Rights says, all men are created equal, then why doesn’t that apply to gay people?   We’re not talking about getting married in a church.  We’re talking about the legal recognition of two lesbians on a beach wearing bed sheets and clit rings as wife and wifer.  When you exclude one group based on your own beliefs, you lose the argument.

That said, I have to applaud Prejean.  In this case, Perez Hilton is a little bitch who just needs to shut his mouth and move on.   The girl was asked a question.  She answered it.  Hilton got pissed because he didn’t get the uppity ‘We are the world’ answer he was looking for.   I have a rule.  Never ask questions you don’t want answers to.  In other words, if you can’t handle the truth, don’t ask for it.   In this case, Perez Hilton is the bad guy.  The bottom line is that this is a beauty pageant.   This girl isn’t protesting the right for gays to live.  She’s just trying to win a crown, get some money and maybe get a deal to show her tits on Playboy.   Calling her a “stupid bitch” doesn’t win your argument.    It makes you the problem, not the solution.  Ignorant words do not convince people.

And apparently the media can’t just leave it at that.  Heaven forbid.  Now the lefties are trying to stir up more trouble with Prejean.  Keith Olbemann of MSNBC (the guy that had that cunt Garofolo on) says Prejean used ‘performance enhancers.’  WOW.  Drugs?   Cherry flavored lip balm?  Ben-wa balls?  Nope.  He’s talking about her tits. 

Yes, really.  

Carrie Prejean got breast implants.  And that is apparently upsetting people.  I have no idea why.   It isn’t against the rules.  Many pageant contestants have them.  But apparently, fake titties are the steroids of the superficial Girl World.

I have to say, it really frosts my nuts that these people are trying to find fault with her.  Who cares if she has implants?  SHE DIDN’T EVEN WIN.   It is very clear to me that these people have some sort of personal agenda.  I mean, why would you even try to make a story out of that?  They’re vultures.  They need to exploit this girl, ruin her life and feast on her tender virg… erm, young… flesh.

All because she doesn’t believe in same-sex marriage.

People think that I’m paranoid when I say they’re trying to take away our right to free speech.  But here it is. It happens everyday.    One person speaks her mind and resists the pressure to put on the hideous spectacle of political correctness, and she gets black balled.  Doesn’t she have a right to an opinion? She isn’t hurting anyone.  She just has opinions.   But I guess thats the lesson we want to teach our children.  Don’t take chances.  Don’t be a decent hard-working person.  It won’t matter because they’re going to take it all from you.  Better to be quiet and still. Lie down and let them take what they want from you. Maybe they’ll let you live.

I salute you Carrie Prejean.  I salute you for your courage under fire and the grace you have shown since.  But mostly I salute you for your awesome rack.  Those are spectacular tits Madam.  I would vote for you.