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Untenable Me


Just, just stop.

Every word you speak. Every time you look in my direction. Even just hearing you say my name… I want you more.

I don’t know if its infatuation or crush or unmitigated passion and desire, but a part of me needs you. Foolishly, I don’t believe its the getting with you as much as the being with you that concerns me.

Proximity is the villain here. It’s not just that fucking intoxicating scent that you have. I can literally feel when you’re in the room. And just like that, BAM, I’m on edge. My nerves are on fire in all the best ways for all the wrong reasons. Madness. This is madness.


You know don’t you? Are you that devious, or that naive?

Lust_by_Violator3Stolen glances across a room. My devoted attention, hanging on your every word as I stare into those gorgeous brown eyes. I focus on your lips, thinking about what it would be like to kiss them. Imagine taking you in my arms. Kissing you. Kissing you all over. And then you smile. YOU SMILE! And it’s everything I can do to keep from tearing every. last. stitch. from your skin and taking you there on the floor. I try to focus as you go on about your day, but in between each word, in the spaces between every breath, every heartbeat– I get these flashes of us. Of you whisperin my name in my ear. Of sweat and fingers and limbs and touching. Breaths of you and I in intense heat. Trysts. Sex. Love making. FUCK.  That’s what this is.  Lust.


And there you go looking beautiful. Reminding me you’re taken when I just want to take you. Running circles in my mind. And I can’t breathe. It’s too warm in this room. This collar is too tight. I feel like I want to claw my own skin off.


Just stop it.


Enough of this.


Hide and Seek

It creeps up on you.   Like a cold wind up your spine.   Like a fever that consumes you, body and soul.

It’s an emotion.  Better than that, it’s my favorite sin.   Lust.

Pretending is not an option.  Try as I might, I can’t help my staring.  The grace of your design bewilders me.   The heat of your body near gnaws at my skin.   I am only half awake as you speak.  Instead I imagine you touching me touching you, my lips upon you.   And I shake it off.  The world snaps back into focus just as you finish your lines.   But it doesn’t last.  Never does.

I hate it.  The way you’re in my head.  That hot, nervous feeling like a hungry school boy.   I could peel your second skin like a grape.  A layer at a time.  Kissing your neck.  Your shoulder your back.  A piece at a time.  Getting to the bottom of it all, and finding you bare and at bottom.  We could tear into each other.  We could play hide and seek.

The thought keeps rolling around in my mind like a hurricane.  It wants to get out.  And inside, I wonder if you’re thinking the same things.  Do you hunger?  Is there an ache, an itch, a burning inside you?

What’s your favorite sin?