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Would you vote for this woman?

Would you vote for this woman?



In case you haven’t heard, Louisiana Senator David Vitter is up for re-election soon and so far his most vocal candidate is a pornographic film actress.

That’s not a joke, at least not on my part.  The creators of began a campaign without the actress’ notice.  She apparently decided to leave the site alone as a bit of a lark.  Now people are wondering how much of a joke it is.

I’ve masturbated to a lot of Stormy Daniels films. I’ve seen the freckles on her taint in hi-def. I successfully jacked it to that 1 minute scene she had in The 40 Year Old Virgin with her tits out.  Once I even motorboated her tits in a dingy Baton Rouge bar while various drunks sang the LSU fight song.   Don’t ask.  So I’m probably going to be more fair to her than anyone in the actual media; which is to say I am going to treat her seriously.

Stormy Daniels is not the airhead that those opposed to pornography would like you to believe.  She’s not some cracked out hooker either.  In the wake of Jenna Jameson and the spread of internet viability, porn stars have become not only entrepeneurs, but brand names.  And Stormy Daniels is currently the reigning queen of porn.

Daniels writes, directs, produces  and stars in her own films.  And the sarcastic reader might ask how hard it can be to moan in front of a handi-cam?  But anyone who has ever attempted to shoot anything on film regardless of how short it is can tell you… it’s  A LOT harder than you think.  Stormy Daniels may literally be the hardest working actress in show business.

And I’ve heard her speak on various subjects.  She’s at least as smart as the average person, if not smarter (she makes a lot more money than most of you).  And the fact that she’s run her own business makes her more qualified to be the President of the United States than the actual President is. And there is a VERY good chance that a lot of men would vote for her behind closed doors just so they could pretend to take an active interest in politics.

That said, I wouldn’t vote for her.  And it isn’t because I know both styles of hair cuts she sports on any given day.  No, I don’t think Stormy Daniels is any less qualified to enter Congress because of her pornographic exploits than Al Franken is because of his exploits as Stuart Smalley. 

The reason I wouldn’t vote for her is because I feel that if she were elected it would because of her beauty and notoriety.  We are a nation that has become obsessed with image and marketing.  It rules our lives.  Whether you like President Obama or not, you have to admit that people are dietizing the man.  They’re so obsessed with his cult of personality that they buy shirts of him dressed as Superman.  And the election of a Porn Star only stands to blur that line between whats right and what looks good even further.


And no one is taking the idea of her running as seriously, but remember, two years ago, no one took Obama seriously either.  She’s smart.  She’s successful and she’s beautiful in a way that frankly isn’t trashy at all.  More than that, she’s more qualified to write legislation on sex education and STD’s than just about anyone you’ve ever met.

l49883899635_6550She’s involved in charities to protect children from the dangers of child pornography.  And unlike most Senators, she doesn’t have to worry about scandals distracting her from doing her job (I’m looking at you David Vitter) or motivation by greed (Ray Nagin, take a bow).

To be honest, I’ve almost convinced myself she should be elected.   But everytime you cross those lines, you make them disappear.  

At the very least, I would be interested to see how a race like that would play out.  And people would care more about politics.  Plus it would be cool to say I’ve touched the Senator’s titties.  And yes, they were just as soft and supple as you imagined they were.



Check out this video where the Daily Beast interviews her. And be honest, would you suspect her of being anything other than a nice, normal woman if you weren’t told anything?